Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dinner with Logan Starks and Art Rascon, a speaker from P2B

     I am happy to say that Logan Starks has returned to BYU Idaho after a brief hiatus, and I was able to enjoy dinner with him and his girlfriend Rachel Zeller. We had a good time at dinner, and Art Rascon from ABC news addressed us. He is an Emmy award winning Reporter, joining ABC-13 in September 1998 to serve as anchor of the five o'clock news. The following tweets were my notes on his speech: Realize your tremendous dependence on God; furthermore, he will to grant to you your righteous desires. Trust him. The Lord can do better with your life than you can do without him. Depend on his love for you. Let your roots grow so deep into the earth & the Gospel that the people, who look to you for survival, can live. Don't follow the world's ways. It is without integrity. This is why anarchy breaks out without rule; looting, riots, and so forth. The keys to Sam Walton's success are hard work, the love of others, and the understanding that God is in control.

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