Monday, June 1, 2015

My BYUI Track and Field Experience

Track and Field Tryouts started last Monday, and we currently have 90 athletes. On the tryout days, we asked the people signing up on imLeagues to come back to give their contact information to make things more simple for us to retain their activity. Only 55 came back to give their information. We are planning to do an All Comers Invitational, and I think that we can double check their information there.
     It took us way too long to contact our athletes to see who was in the program. I wanted them to contact the list of people for a long time, but they did not understand me. We finally contacted them last minute. It turned out that we barely have 40 athletes. I asked Brother Stutz, if my stats were average, and he said yes. I have innovated idea, but the implementation always failed. It has been almost disappointing. I am optomistic and flexible.
     Today is now the last day of May. I think that I should just summarize what has happened and finish this entry. The track program is preparing for its second official meet this week. I am trying to adapt, implementing the things that will make it successful. It is interesting because after the first meet I was inspired to have another all comers invitational type meet for June 12th; then, the top athlete that are not in the official program will be invited to the championship meet. Brother Stutz seemed to think that it is a good idea, and the word got around in the activities office. They invited me to a meeting to discuss the benefit of my idea. I could not attend the meeting because I had a class at that time. When I was in the office, I asked around about the meeting. They said that it was cancelled. Upon further inquiry it turns out that Track and Field will most likely not be a competitive sport next year, and they will make all comer invitations be the focus of the sport.
     My opinion on being Track and Field coordinator is that I need to focus on my academic learning of Design and Construction Management. The skills learned in sports is good, but I am not giving enough time to my classes. I don't plan to be a leader in the things that I do not need to pursue. I always talk about this to my friends. I was planning to pursue being a director, but the effort is a distraction from my real life's pursuit in innovating design and construction management. My academic grades are suffering because the effort to make Track and Field productive.

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