Monday, September 29, 2014

A New Week:)

Can you believe it's almost October already?? Wow! It blows my mind to think that exactly a year ago I was serving in Manhattan Beach and a year later I'm still serving here. I am really grateful for this blessing. Last night President called us and Sister Schvaneveldt is getting mid cycle transferred!!!! I was a little sad when we found out because we were all just starting to get the hang of this trio thing. But I know that Heavenly Father always has a plan and that he knows what he's doing. I am grateful for Sister Schvaneveldt she is such a great example of kindness and love. I love her! I was feeling a little down the other night and she really helped me to feel motivated again. I am grateful to be here and especially to get to stay and serve here still. I don't feel like I'm ready to leave yet. 

Yesterday we attended sacrament in Manhattan Beach and it was really great to be amongst the people I've come to love. Then towards the end of church we went back to the El Camino Branch and I just felt so good that Heavenly Father has blessed me with this opportunity to serve both groups of people. I love them so much! Johnathan our investigator from the YSA Branch came to church!!!!! YAY!!!! he's been a little flaky with us in the past but he came to church yesterday and he walked all the way from his home too! We had fasted as a district for all of our investigators and it was such a great miracle that our investigators in our District came to church! I am grateful for the power of fasting. Our District is super small hahaha it includes our trio and our District Leader and his companion. So just the 5 of us make up our District. I gave the training last week on "High Expectations" and I truly feel so grateful for the power of the Holy Ghost bringing all things to my remembrance as I prepared. ( you know how it would usually take me weeks to prepare to give a talk?) well I only had an hour to prepare for this training and I could really feel the Holy Ghost working with me and I feel that my Faith in God has truly grown because I was a little scared and nervous with the little time I had to prepare but I am grateful that Heavenly Father helped me to trust in him and he blessed me with great Companions who helped me alot! The training was really good and I loved being able to learn from the Elders and Sisters in my District. 

Oh Guess what? I don't know if you'd heard of a movie called "Meet the Mormons" but the Missionaries in our Mission got to watch last week and it was sooooooo Great!!!!! Please check it out when you get the chance it's such a great Movie and sooo inspired. Oh Wow! I was really touched by it and really just made me so grateful to be a member. It's so great. Please take a friend to go see it. You can go onto to request it to be shown to a local theatre near you. 

How did you like the Women's Conference Yesterday? I loved it! I loved President Uchtdorf's talk. I just felt such a great desire to be better prepared to enter the temple. I can feel now how important those covenants are and how biding they are and how they can truly protect us from Satan's influence as we faithfully keep them. I really commit to forget myself more and truly give my all to my Lord. Please pray for Johnathan he has a Baptismal Date for the 18th of October. 

I Love you So much

Sister Koroitamana

Friday, September 26, 2014

“The Value of Friendship” by Aellen Daileg

Most of us have friends and anyone can have one. But what is friendship? Friendship is the relationship between friends and that creates closeness and bonds. We all have different definitions of a friend, but for me a friend can be defined as a companion that is always there. Giving his shoulder to comfort you, helping to resolve your problem and making you smile when they notice that you are sad, a friend that ready to hear out your ups and downs stories regard to his life.

When i first met them, we are rivals and strangers with each other. After a lot time we just felt that friendship is urging within us without any word, there are times that gestures were just enough to create a friendship that could withstand any challenges that could come in our way.

The value of a friend is priceless; no one can ever buy the effort that they exert to make their friends the happiest persons in the world. It is hard to find a real friend; sometimes it needs a due process and time to have one.

Sometimes, friendships arise from some conflicts that we encounter such as arguments and misunderstanding but if we could just overcome all of those a greater bond between friends could be obtained and, thus, a stronger and better friendship would eventually arise. Whatever the outcome it may impose, acceptance of each other’s view is a must to build a harmonious relationship between friends, for without acceptance; friendship would not exist at all.

Friendship is a give and take relationship for sometimes we need to be a friend to be able to gain one. We need to watch each other’s back to gain trust and establish such relationship. Friendships are forever and thus we should value our friends like a diamond that could withstand anything that would come to its way. The value of friendship cannot be described by a single word instead we should find it within ourselves and be able to grow it by sharing with others. We should let friendship grow even if we are apart, thus communication is always important to feel a presence of care, a care of a valuable friendship.

I would like you to reflect on this quotation: ‘the greatest value of having good friends is not what you get from them, but the better person you become because of them.'

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Daily World #News Report of the 21st of September 2014

Pentagon: US to deliver 10 Apache helicopters to Egypt | Egypt Independent…

Activists killed in spate of assassinations in Libya

#BREAKING Fiji coup leader Voreqe Bainimarama declares himself the Pacific nation's new prime minister, four days after the election

Russia fires Iskander-M missiles during large-scale drill in Far East (VIDEO)

Hong Kong government making more requests for Google to hand over user data

Japanese hold demo against #US base #Japan #military

Manhunt continues in Pennsylvania for suspect in police shooting:

Dr. Bukobza: Gaza rockets may have gone, but trauma stays long after

At least three people were killed in a car bomb attack near a #Hezbollah checkpoint in east Lebanon

Julian Assange recently said that he will be leaving Ecuador's embassy "soon"

Julian Assange recently said that he will be leaving Ecuador's embassy "soon"

Small-cap stocks in China surge 35.6% this year

Tropical Storm Mario expected to leave PH Area of Responsibility on Monday morning #MarioPH

Al-Qaida trying to enter Assam: CM Tarun Gogoi…

French rescuers save 30 from sudden floodwaters

Tropical storm Polo skirts Mexico’s battered Pacific coast…

Beijing approves 2020 climate goals

Thefts, robberies on the rise in #Sharjah

Armed man surrenders after barricading himself inside home on Idaho reservation, ending 18-hour standoff

2 dead, 8 injured in collision in C5

Fighting forces curfew in parts of Yemen capital: govt

#Syrian army forces score major gains

15 militants killed in Pakistan

#SouthKorea activists launch balloons carrying thousands of anti-North leaflets across border despite threat

#BREAKING: Pope arrives in Albania for one-day visit

#SpaceX rocket blasts off from Cape Canaveral to deliver cargo to International Space Station

Florida prison system fires 32 guards after inmate deaths: Miami Herald

Thai island murder investigation hits a wall of silence

Exodus of migrant workers to hit Kashmir valley reconstruction…

Lebanese captives being held in caves: report

Swat lost its district prison in 2005 earthquake,forcing common criminals to share space with hardened militants.

BREAKING: Afghan presidential candidates Abdullah Abdullah, Ashraf Ghani agree to structure of unity government:

‘New proposal on #Iran N-talks agenda’ #IAEA #Dimona #Nucleartalks

More unions join #Israel Post strike

Hong Kong Students to Boycott Class to Protest China Curbs on Democracy

Tight security for N.Korea athletes

Two police killed in blast outside Foreign Ministry in Cairo; two civilians also reported dead

Qatar warned Lebanon of Nusra execution: report

At least two killed in blast outside Foreign Ministry in Cairo

G-20 Plans to Raise Growth by 2%

Heavy gunfire erupts around rebel-held Ukrainian city of Donetsk. | #Ukraine live blog:

Japan pledges $25.5 million for refugees from Islamic State…

France's Hollande approval rating tumbles to 13 pct

IS militants close in on key Kurdish town in Syria

787 persons killed, 2,678 injured by DTC buses in 10 years…

Egypt confirms death sentences for killing policeman

Video: Pakistan's 'breadbasket' battered by floods

West Africa: Respect Rights in Ebola Response… @hrw

Police double patrols as Kenya marks 1 year since 4 gunmen stormed Westgate Mall in Nairobi, killing 67 people

Ukraine's army says it will not pull back its troops from the frontline until all sides abide by a ceasefire.

Bomb explodes near checkpoint outside foreign ministry in Cairo

#BREAKING: Explosions heard in Egypt’s city of Tanta, Al Arabiya correspondent reports

13 Men Sentenced in India Rape Case

Chinese destroyer docks in Iran, first such visit

Fleeing Gaza, only to face treachery and disaster at sea…

Venezuela's breast implant shortage:

AFRICAN PERSPECTIVE | #Kenya #Westgate terror pain lingers a year on | Read more | Tweet with #AJAfrica

Bassil: Lebanon to receive, not provide, help in ISIS fight

G-20 says close to goal of $2 trillion in growth

Nasa spacecraft set to enter Mars orbit tonight…

Only 5% Indian women in senior corporate posts: Study…

India gets first transgender news anchor months after third gender legally recognised

Housing starts dropped 14% in August

Park to meet with Canada's governor general on 2nd day of state visit

DSWD continues support for 'Mario' evacuees

Pentagon program allows police departments cited for civil rights violations to get surplus weapons: @etuckerAP

70,000 Syrians fleeing ISIS have entered Turkey in past 24 hours

88 nailed in China's int'l manhunt for fugitives

Coal production, sales both decline in China

Australians rally for climate change outside G20 talks

Lebanon car accident kills five, injures six

Huge wildfire near Aley points at firefighting deficiency

#BREAKING: #Houthi delegation arrives in #Sanaa to sign deal to end crisis

UPDATE: Three deaths reported, 40,000 left without power and 100 flights cancelled as storm #Fung-Wong hits #Taiwan

Iraqi army launches anti-#ISIL operation in #Fallujah #Iraq

Corruption Thrives on #Russia's Frozen Conflicts #opinion

Masked men rob a security guard picking up cash from Germany's biggest Apple store:

#BREAKING Yemen Shiite rebels seize government HQ: officials

CORRECTION: Turkish troops fired tear gas in clashes at the border with supporters of Syrian Kurdish refugees

Thousands Muscovites now marching against the war in #Ukraine

#Houthi rebels seize strategic posts as #PM quits

Egypt’s Sisi heads to U.S. for first time since election

#Egypt military aircraft on training mission crashes, six killed

Iraqi forces battle militants near Fallujah

Air France cancels flights as strike enters second week…

Reuters: Emergency official says 92 bodies and at least 56 new #Ebola infections have been discovered in Sierra Leone's nationwide lockdown

#Khodorkovsky Declares Sudden Political Comeback #news

Smooth path for U.S. economy remains elusive

Afghanistan rivals agree to share presidential power

Clash over development plans leaves 8 dead in Guatemala

#Iran president set to leave for NYC to attend UN meeting @HassanRouhani @UN

Poroshenko says Ukraine ready to defend itself if peace plan fails

Chinese warships in first call at an Iran port: media

Storm leaves 7 dead, 200,000 displaced in Philippines

SIMI fugitives headed to Uttarakhand?…

Soaring potato prices give Centre headache…

Video captures flames engulfing high-rise building in Russia

U.S.: Allies read to join attacks against Islamic State

Scotland Seeks to Restore Harmony

US Secretary of State Kerry meets Iran's Zarif

Gunmen kill Sunni leader in Pakistan

US concerned by chlorine gas attacks in Syria: Kerry

US, Canadian jets intercept 8 Russian aircraft

Chinese Village Official Found to Have Pilfered Vast Sums | Epoch Times

Two social activists acquitted of setting tires alight after sloppy police probe

Yemen’s Prime Minister Resigns Amid Chaos and Another Cease-Fire

Robbers flee with ATM tied to pick-up van…

Sizzling Dubai property prices cool down

Two stock brokers arrested in Saradha scam…

Tens of thousands protest climate change at worldwide rallies

Israeli among pro-Russian rebels swapped for Ukrainian soldiers

Bomb kills four near Egypt foreign ministry: police

Don't ease up on Iran for help against IS: Netanyahu

Bombings, mortar fire kill 13 people in Iraq

Officials say hundreds of domestic wells in California's drought-parched Central Valley have run dry:

PA cops say they found a rifle carried by the gunman who opened fire on a state trooper barracks.

G20 emerging economies welcome Fed policy transparency

UK to funnel $20mn into fund helping France tackle immigration problem

Arrest warrant issued for man seen with missing Virginia student: police

China will not alter economy policy

Peru creates anti-logging commission

Ethiopian Airlines orders 20 Boeing 737 aircraft

Brazil readies presidential election thriller

Islamists claim responsibly for #Cairo blast that killed key witness against #Morsi

US officials warn of new terror group in Syria that could be just as dangerous as ISIS:

Germany rules out air strikes, ground troops in Iraq

Largest economic impacts of #Ebola result from behavior associated w/ fear of contagion, not disease itself. REPORT

#Yemen's warring factions finally sign a deal, but will it hold? | Read more:

#Syria opposition figure Kamal al-Labwani in #Israel trying to convince officials to play a role in the war next door…

After Gaza war, Israel approves extensive plan for development of south

Afghan security deal could be signed soon: Kerry

'No ransom paid' for Turkish hostages says president as questions over Isil deal grow

Police: At least 1 killed, several in critical condition when bus overturns in Delaware City, Del. - @NBCPhiladelphia

4 of 5 men recaptured a day after escaping from a central California jail, authorities say

Iraqi Christians fly to new life in France after escaping ISIS

Nepal's former king suffers heart attack

40 migrants missing en route to #Italy #Europe

Antigovernment Protesters Gather in Karachi

German Police Arrest Suspected al-Shabaab Members

Five arrested in Europe after police learned alleged terror cell obtained handguns, counterterrorism official says.

Labour would freeze child benefit to help clear deficit

Survivor of Nigeria church collapse tells of days in darkness

Report: Qatar arming extremists

100,000 Syrians pour into Turkey telling of atrocities as Islamic State group advances

Smuggled across Turkey's border, homeless Syrians call a bus station home

NEW: State police: Multiple people critically injured as tour bus overturns in Delaware:

Chinese incursion: 15 battalions in Ladakh on high alert…

UK recruits over 100 dyslexics as spies…

ABC is planning 300 jobs cuts in response to budget cuts

40 Islamic State fighters killed in U.S. air strike |

California wildfire destroys 32 structures

The Afghanistan Election Commission named Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, Afghanistan’s former finance minister, as president:

Sierra Leone hails three-day lockdown to contain Ebola a success

California's wildfires appear to be getting worse before they get better -

American detained in N. Korea terminated from job: report

Bombing and mortar fire kill 13 people in Shiite areas of Iraq, officials say

European Union allocates 60 million euros to combat child labor | Egypt Independent…

CBI arrests stockbroker and builder in AT Group scam…

Court suspends Mahinour el-Masry’s prison sentence | Egypt Independent…

Searchers say closing in on Pennsylvania police shooter suspect

Nude photos of teacher spark labor dispute at schools in Israel’s south

Nikkei futures down 0.2% in Singapore; dollar buying 108.98 yen $NIK $JPY

ISIS generates approximately "$6 million daily," partly by selling oil, taking taxes and ransoms. – Top Kurdish security official

Two murders in 24 hours in Tel Aviv area

Asia early... Nikkei., ASX, Kospi all down 0.6% apiece $NIK $XJO

Seoul seeking to extend peacekeeping missions in South Sudan, Lebanon