Sunday, June 7, 2015

Temple to Temple Relay 2015

     Yesterday my team and my FHE sister's team ran the temple to temple relay. This relay had a special family feel to it because Irvin Silva asked to join the team. I may have let the environment be family oriented because I asked him, if his wife wants to accompany us. I suggested this because we have plenty of space in the cars. Irvin's sister in law join the team, and when we were looking for a second car. Irvin's mother in law wanted to drive. Our welcoming group embraced her love of photography, and the relay is well photographed. I feel that the first few legs of the relay ran better than it was expected, and the last few were hard of the participants. The last few days before the relay I coached Jessica, and she applied the running skills. On Thursday, Jessica ran the distance of her leg, but she just did not want to give into the desire to walk. That was my expectation for her, but I want her to be a runner. She ran a slow jog, and I invited her run faster during the last mile to feel how fast that she can run, since she was just running the minimum speed, which will not give her the desire to walk. This is what we did before, and it made her feel accomplished. She talks sometimes as if her perspective will not change, but I see that her performance should grow exponentially by the change of experience. Her not walking is not an accomplishment for this relay because she already knows that she can jog slowly and not walk. There is a running effort, which can increase the efficiency of her speed, just by changing her perspective, and I am proud to say that she did it. Jessica enjoyed the competition.

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