Monday, June 1, 2015

My Contribution to the Construction to the Provo City Center Temple

     My contribution to the Provo City Center Temple is very small, but a small contribution is big in my life. When I was working in the office of Delta Stone Products, I was given the job to estimate and design the stone for the stairs up to an entrance to the temple, but it turned out that the blue prints were not accurate to the dimensions and the size of the stairs. I told my leaders that the dimensions didn’t work, and the management had to consult the church on redesigning the stairs. The stairs is not a completely different, but the lengths of the stone had to be reconsidered. I was also able to sand a beehive that is also part of the hardscape of the temple. I learned that landscape and hardscape is similar. Landscape has to do with plants mostly, but hardscape is the stone work of a building. It took me like 12 hours straight of sanding by hand to complete one.

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