Sunday, June 28, 2015

Logan's Birthday at Frostop and the Dunes

     Sterling Starks’ birthday was chill. The groups of the party was tight until we went to the dunes. We went out to eat at Frostop. They have good food, but it is not too special. It's just a burger joint. It's good to have Logan back at school to enjoy his presence and a more whole group. The core group at Frostop was Logan Starks, Rachel Zeller, Jesse Kaupert, Rachel Dunlap, Joe Cox, Jessica Palmer, and I. Kathrine’s friends join us at the dunes. When we went to the dunes, Jesse got stuck in the sand, driving his car into the parking lot. We have a classic game called glow in the dark Stick ball, which a combination of golf and baseball. Jesse pitched a ball to himself, and he would hit it out into the dunes; then, someone else would throw it back into the bucket of balls. Everyone would pitch  hit the ball out for another person, going from many rounds until everyone hit the ball for everyone else, and the person that had the least amount of throws to get the ball into the bucket would win. We were unable to finish the game on the night of Logan's birthday.

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