Monday, June 1, 2015

Critic on Temporary Pianist

     My grandparents and I went to a piano recital, which was part of a local convention, and I was hoping to enjoy it as much as I do listening to my older brother. The girl from Taiwan is named Eun Lee or something like that. When I went to China, I would here piano music played proudly on the radio, but it sounded soulless. Taiwan is under the same philosophy and government somewhat of China, so I blame that the pride of the nation limits this 21 year old girls expression. I expressed this to Thomas, my older brother, but he said that the most expressive pianist that he knows is Chinese. His name is Lang Lang. He played just like Eun Lee. They can play the song, but it is not refined. They are expressive in their face and gestures, but it is not heard in the piano. There was a question and answer session, and I wanted to ask "What piano skills are you learning currently?" or "How do you seek to inspire the audience when you play?"; however, we were at a middle school and the audience was young, and my questions would most likely go over their heads.

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