Sunday, June 14, 2015

The First BYU Idaho Dual Meet, the Track and Field Program vs. the School

     The Track and Field meet did have more participants at first, since the school was invited to participate in the meet. There were about 10 people from the school that came, but I didn't really notice them. It seemed like they came and left. One guy came from the school, winning the mile race. Another guy raced in the hundred meter dash, and a guy participated in the throwing events; however, I don't recall seeing the other athletes. It is interesting that my sprinting and throwing programs are stronger than my long distance team. The throwing team captain broke the shot put record again, but it was by two feet, throwing 50'. There was a lot of wind, and the sprinters wanted to have the wind at their back. The timers were not prepared for that, and the timing system ran out of batteries before the race began, so we missed the hundred meter dash time. Jessica ran the scoreboard, so they kind of had a time. The sprinting team put together a 4x400 relay team, and they broke the school record by six seconds. The long distance team put together a 4x800 relay team, and they set the school record because there was not an official time.

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