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The Blessings Will Come

I got this from Creative LDS Quotes on Fb. Just a reminder that all promised blessings will be ours if we continue to be faithful. Those blessings might not come  when we want them to but Father knows  best and only wants the best for us, so trust in Him and all will be well.  

Proverbs 3:5-6: Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding; In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.
Doctrine and Covenants 82:10; I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise.

Shine, a 168 Film Festival Production

I went out with the missionaries last week for dinner, meeting with an old friend and an investigator. The old friend was from the distant past, recognizing me for my hospitality. It's been a couple years, since I invited her over to our house, having her over for dinner. She is still barely getting established like the last time that I met her; however, she had me over for dinner at this occasion. This blog post is inspired by the presence of the investigator that joined us that night. His name is Max Terronez. He is one of those people that tells a lot of stories, and you may question whether he is for real. He spoke of many real life and charitable situations, but I want to write about his production of a film for the 168 Hour Film Festival, an international faith based production. 
He approached the sister that I received for dinner, asking if she would like to be the executive director. This means that she would simply fund the production of the film, which they claimed was 300 dollars, and 200 went to registration. Max is incredibly creative. This is not the first film that me made for this festival. He told of one, where he had a courting couple walking on the beach, and the walk transitions to different stages of their lives together into marriage, family life, and children until the father is gone. You can see and hear the developing perspectives of their relationship in the dialogue. I believe that the father died of an illness, and Max claimed that a doctor had an issue with the short film. Max was so inspired last year that he wrote this script in 45 minutes, sharing it with the executive director immediately after. She said that script was so great that she wept. Since he is from Santa Cruz, California, he was unable to take advantage of the privileges of joining the initial event in Los Angeles, where he can get crew members from casting calls. Max has worked with big name directors in the film industry, so he called for his own casting call near his residence. His crew was mostly connected by networking. 
The films are supposed to be short. The film that was produced by this team is about 11 minutes. The video depicted the story in a very vague way. If it deliberately told the story, the deep story could not be enjoyed as well. There was only one odd scene that may confuse the viewer. The story is so deep that you have to read between the lines to understand the depths of the cinematography. He told me directly what they are. I am going to write it in this article, but I am going to cross it out to not spoil the story. An obvious part of the story that you don't realize until the end of the story is that the daughter dies of cancer. There is a scene where the father, whose name is Pun, is grieving in a bar, and the bartender tells him that he should leave. This shows his character as a family man of integrity; although, there is apparent family problems that he deals with. After he leaves the bar, Pun calls his father, meeting him at the beach in the next scene. Max said that there were disputes among his crew, questioning the purpose of Pun calling his father, finding the phone number on a slip of paper and he had to identify himself in the call. This shows that he was estranged from his father. I don't recall him with a slip of paper in the film, but there supposed to be. 
Max said that the lack of professionalism of the crew limited the extent of the story's sagacity that he desired. The editor was a wedding film producer, and he was so indifferent to Max's direction that he did not include his name in the credits, nor did he read the script. That part may have been edited out. Directing this film required, Mr. Terronez to have many sleepless nights. One night he was overbearingly encouraging his editor to work into the morning. They dosed off together; although, Max gave into his request to get some liquor to keep him working. At the end, the editor was unable to translate the film into the format that the Apple programs required, and they had to take out the hard drive out of the computer, driving it down to LA to make it before the due hour of the film festival, for they only had 168 hours to produce the film.

The film made in the top 20 out of hundreds, and the daughter got best actress; although, it was funded with less than 100 dollars. My high school music teacher even provided the original score for the film. Other crews boasted special effects and everything that the greatest directors can request. Max Terronez used all his skill to inspire the world in this film, and a side hope was for aspiring directors to keep the industry, making good films. He wanted me to provide information for these interested people to join the next 168 Film Festival; maybe even work with him. The Founder and Executive Director is John David Ware, and his contact information are the following means: email at, website at, and phone at 818-557-8507. Max Terronez knows that there are many opportunities in film, and he would like to share them with you. You may even ask me, if you want to contact Max.

Laptop Review

I dedicate this to Trevor Hicken, my brother, who I hope will be writing for you soon. He is a technology wizard.

A3 Ultra-slim 14.0" LCD Screen 1366x768 Windows 7 Intel D2500 + NM10 Dual Core 1.86GHz 1GB RAM Laptop Computer with Wi-Fi (160GB HD) (Silver)

From Focalprice

A Completely Lousy Chinese Product

I bought this laptop for my brother, expecting that it would run according to it's specs, but it didn't. The version of Windows 7 was many years old, making it very slow. It would have taken forever for my brother to update it, so he put Linux on it. When he did that, he found that the laptop would not hold the operating systems. He would have to install the software over and over. He found an operating system that seems to be holding, which works okay; however, the battery only lasts about 40 minutes now, since he accidentally let it die. It is basically a laptop from the nineties.


I am Lem Mats'aba. I come from a very small country in the Southern Africa....with approximately 1.8 to 2million people(The Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho). I am a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints. I Currently serve as a YSA Female Represensetive in my branch. I am single. I will be 23years old on September 29th. I like Nature,Travelling and Exploring. I study Business Management and desire to own a Travel Agency and a Beauty Spa soon. I am going on mission this year and will be studying Somatology together with Business Management when i return. I love missionary work and i possess deep love for missionaries serving around the world, even every member of the church hence, Every member a Missionary. I have a firm testimony of my Saviour Jesus Christ and His Atonement for my sin. I also rejoice in seeing people as they can become. I am glad we will be serving each other right here. 

-Leetoane Lem Mats'aba-

Divine Right

By Isidro Zapata

This is very sad about this trend going around all because of some law. How can people use the book and verse to claim it says you can keep certain people out Look out for this con.
Are you like Jesus does your holy stance matching his role if so walk on water and feed five thousand people. Jesus mingles with the people and never cast anyone out. So how can you use his verses and turn them into words of darkness. Get a grip you whip of lying and turning around the verses for your own glorification.
Stop get out go back to where you belong it’s not here in this amazing place. We are not a class system that brings division but Capitalism brings this to our home and goes into your dome and stays there. Jesus said love one another treat the other better then yourself not to be a master but to be a servant of other’s so where does this separation begin get out of here then and swim or fly out of here because this land never belong to YOU or me we are aliens living in lands that never belong to you and me get a history lesson nation then tell me who really owns this land not you and me.
German nation people were in shock how can the German people allow such horrible things first it starts off you cannot shop here because I have a divine right the book says then you are twisted with all sorts of evil because the book say’s it LOUD and clear back to the nation it starts off with YOU JUST CANT SHOP HERE ANYMORE IT IS MY DIVINE RIGHT THE GERMAN PEOPLE THOUGHT KILLING PEOPLE THAT WERE NOT LIKE THEM WAS THEIR DIVIN RIGHT TOO DO I HAVE TO GIVE YOU A HISTORY LESSON SO STOP

Hello, New Beginnings New Duties

"Now is the time for members and missionaries to work together, to come together, to labor in the Lord's vineyard, to bring souls unto him" -President Monson

this is the last new member lesson we had with Silvester ans my last time teaching with  y hermana Arevalo

We had the best Family night (f.h.e) ever!! with Roxana and her three children, her husband and good friend of hers who is a member from a different branch. COol right she took initiative to invite others to come over for family time! that was exciting and plus she loves inviting our investigators to it all the time, she is the perfect fellow-shipper. We had a lesson on hte importance of praying as a family and studying the scriptures by topic. I gave them all a topics such as faith, hope charity, love etc. and they paired up in teams we had htem look under the GEE or Topical guide read the definition and look up scriptures, analyze them and share it with the group. We were having so much fun, especially the girls because they love to teach , for they want to be missionaries when they grow up :) The love of God was felt in that home and the sister that came bore a lot of powerful testimonies, about how before she was a member she was quiet and she asked Him to help her with her shyness and weaknesses and he answered her prayer and gave her the confidence and knowledge she needed to share  her testimony in fast and testimony meeting and now she takes up everyones time. she also fasted and prayed for someone to be preserved in the wilderness and ans angel gave him food and water and he made it home safely and since that time forth she knew that Heavenly father loves her and listens to her as long as he is a good girls and asks in faith, she also mentioned her conversion story, the point is that she bore her testimony about several different things, they were powerful, but that also made us a tad bit late for our next appointment. I extended the invitation for the husband or soon to be husband to follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized along with his family. He accepted and he also expressed his appreciation towards us for teaching his family and how he feels the difference with the harmony in his home, Roxana also expressed her desire to be like the teachers in Relief Society, she wants to be like them, teach with power, knowledge and with the spirit. Furthermore, she talked about the blessings she receives from feeding us:) how before her food will not last and now she saves money and buys the same amount of food, yet it lasts a lot longer and she knows Heavenly Father blesses her family because she feeds us with love and all her heart. She expressed how much they all love us as part of their family, it made us so happy because we are so far away from our real families, but these children of God makes it so worth it to be out here and have that privilege to teach them and invite them to come unto Christ,
We left the lesson feeling inspired and with a stronger desire to teach and keep the commandments :)
As you know as missionaries we get transferred a lot, so my companion went to strengthen another area and a sister that needed her help to be better, i am staying in Phoenix as a Sister Training Leader which is equivalent to a Relief Society President, what they do is be in charge for a group of sisters and help them become into Preach My Gospel missionaries and make sure they are ok in different aspects of their well being, we get to go to trainings with the Mission President and his leaders like the Assistants and Zone Leaders and in return train the other missionaries in our zone. I also get to do exchanges to evaluate the sisters' work. It's very good. I'm looking forward to learn and become better, because I know the Lord calls the weak and the simple :) 
I have a new companion, her name is Hermana Faw from Idaho, she just turned 20 and has a relaxed easy going personality, I look forward t learning a lot from her. I need to help her a lot with her Espanol.

 Family time! with the Radiant  Blanco family at the Curiel Family. We had a after baptism lesson disguised as a family home evening on how the importance of Prayer and scripture study again :) but this was simpler because Blanca has a lot of little ones. They all looked so much better they continue to impress me, i love watching them grow spiritually. They are cleaner, more awake, more reverent, more confident, happier and amazing! my heart rejoices as I am telling you these things. Last Sunday we went over to their house later than usual because we have always help them all get ready for church, but we wanted to see if they will be self reliant and responsible by getting up on time and getting ready on their own. We went over there and they were all ready and what a relief that was, they've come a long way. 
Janet at the end of the lesson, gave a little lesson she prepared on the Law of Chastity and did so great, confidence. Blanca bore her testimony about how happy she feels now that she reads and prays everyday and its glorious. she feels renewed and forgiven. You can see it the way she is with her children and her priorities. I love them. 
in the middle of the lesson baby David was crying so Hermano Curiel had him draw on the board and he got happy again, afterwards we all ate donuts and cookies :)
I have a lot more stories but don't have enough time.
here is a cute picture, enjoy.

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Radioactive-Imagine Dragons (Lizzie Holmes Rough Draft Cover)

Miss playing for you guys at your apartment! This is my work in progress song at moment "Radioactive"  Thanks for all your support for me in my music guys hope everything is well for you guys love you! Im sorry I'm pitchy and off a bit but again its a sneak peak 

Things You Should Know About Tuesdays: Neuroblastoma Kids

Imagine being 2-3 years old (most occur in children under the age of 2).  Having a condition only 4 per million children have.  A condition that causes tumors to grow along the nervous system outside of the brain.

Picture having test after test run, in dark and scary rooms with loud and frightening machines.
It seems that every grown-up you see want to hurt you with a needle to get blood.

Then you sit in a big chair in front of a big desk, while your mom and dad cry.
And then suddenly more hospital visits.  You start to recognize that you are driving to a place that scares you and you begin to cry even before you arrive.
And suddenly there is a weird thing on your chest. But they seem to be able to get blood out of it so no more horrible pokes.


And then then the nurses start giving you "medicine" to make you "feel better".
But you don't feel better.  You feel tired and sick to your stomach.
You hurt and you don't know why  
You have to wear a mask everywhere you go and you can't do the things you used to be able to do.
You feel like you never get to be at home anymore.

You can't sleep through the night anymore, because either you wake up sick or someone wakes you up to "get blood", or "take vitals" whatever that means. 


Its not all bad I suppose,  You get ANY food you like cause all the grown ups seem to be very worried about how much you eat.  You get to watch lots of tv.  You get to meet famous people and have lots of grownups tell you how cute you are.  You get to see clowns and dogs, make music and be the nurse's helper.

FOR MORE.....check out

Meet Penny Rich

I wanted to give a little background on me.  I was born and raised in Palmyra New York.   In 2002 i had two elders walking door to door signing christmas carols.   I had a feeling that i should listen to them.  Two weeks early i prayed for guidance and direction in my life.  And i found it with two elders.  When they were talking to me i felt like i already knew what they were teaching me was true.    I have had a lot of struggles in my life and i found my biggest strength through the Gospel in my life.    I lost both my parents to death and struggled with it alot.    I know that  i will see them again..  I had the spirit whisper alot  of comfort through my life to me .

February 23, 2014

Yesterday I started a Twitter account, an account at a micro-blog website, and the second tweet that I posted is that Trevor Hicken is a Sombie. I misspell it on purpose; although, it is a little disrespectful to people with insomnia. Trevor doesn’t have good sleeping habits. When you hang out with a Sombie, there is a good chance that you will become one, not getting enough sleep, always feeling tired, dozing off during many important activities. This new generation doesn't know how to have good sleeping habits. I see many people struggle at school.

It started on a Friday, a few weeks ago. Trevor and I spontaneously went to a Leaves' Eyes concert. We thought that the concert would start early and on time like the Demi Lovato concert that we went to the following Tuesday. Michael Angulo went with us too, but he was too scared to attend the concert because the line led to a show called Moodsmash or something like that, a wrestling show. It looked like a circus. Michael thought that it was inspired by Satanic themes. It turned out that there were two events happening, and the concert was in a room next door. The concert hall was very tight. I was surprised how small of a venue that it was. We were all standing, and I liked this style better than the big stadium that Demi Lovato's concert had. We were hoping that the concert would start at 7. There were 4 bands playing that night, and we also hoped that they would be performing first or second. The concert actually started about 8:30. Leaves' Eyes played third after Arcane Dimension and Atrocity.
Although Atrocity has been around for almost thirty years, I liked Arcane Dimension more. I am one of those people that doesn't like heavy death metal. The melodies are hard to pick out, and every song sounds the same. Alexander Krull is the singer of Atrocity, and he really engaged the audience, but I would characterize it as demanding participation. Their music had a mosh pit break out. I feel like the guy that started it was paid. I was one of the first people that he bumped into. I am not into moshing, so I walked away. Atrocity's music didn't do much for me; although, they are from Germany.

Arcane Dimension composed understandable music. The singer was a little weird, and her personality reflected how amateur the band was. Another way she was weird is that she tries to dance like a belly dancer, but she isn't very good. She went off stage between songs to change her attire to that of a belly dancer. They had fun rhythms, but they didn't have a percussionist. The percussion was played by recording and speakers. The band boasted an electric cello. It was cool, but it made me feel like they bought it to make them more successful and original as a band, calling it their secret weapon.
Leaves' Eyes was amazing. Alexander Krull is married to its lead singer of Liv Kristine, and the thing that I enjoyed the most is to see their relationship between each other. One thing that I learned is that it is hard to understand someone or something with just one perspective. A second perspective is minimum to understand something in a good way. It's like reading a book. A new word comes, and you may think that you understand it from the context; however, you have a more true understanding of the word the next time you come across it. The second perspective of Alexander Krull was a family man supportive respectful perspective. His presence was similar to before, but his intimidation disappeared to a warm fatherly identity. Liv Kristine is an excellent singer and their music is uplifting. Trevor said that the combination of Alexander Krull and Liv Kristine's singing is called beauty and the beast. One thing that was interesting is that all the members of Atrocity and Leaves' Eyes are the same, but Liv does not perform with Atrocity. Another thing that was cool was how Liv Kristine met with everyone afterward. I was a little shy, but I wanted to get both Alexander Krull and Liv Kristine's autograph on my Leaves' Eyes shirt in honor of their marriage and how much I respect them. Trevor was right in there, but I took my time observing and absorbing the situation.

"Pray?" by Isidro Zapata

What? I sat their stun for a second. Did I hear him right? He went on and say you write down the pros and cons of each choice then pray. When God gives you an answer then you do what he tells you to do. I looked at him and replied “I will I promise”.
I looked down on the floor and asked him if he could please help me up? I was embarrassed to have to ask for help to get out of the chair. As he helped me up he asked if I needed help to my car? This just pretty much just broke me and showed me where I really am.
For a split second her voice rang loud and clear in my head. I made up my mind in what I am going to do no need to pray.
As I got into my car I had to sit and rest so I went and turned on the radio. The voice coming through the radio just started speaking about the exact situation I am in!! Everything I had been dealing with, but how? How could this be? Every single word he spoke seemed it was just for me to hear and no one else. God knows, what we need to hear and at the right time in our lives.
I felt so torn about this whole mess. It was so clear to me yesterday in what I wanted to do. In reality it is not so easy to throw the truth away.  Just thought all I had to do was sign my name & give everything up for a fake love.
Tonight though, it is not easy to walk away. Up to that point my choice was easy to make! I truly, felt that this is all I can ever have and why let it go?  I know, this is all wrong but it is all I have. Her words repeat themselves in my head  “For me to be honest with myself & where I am in life and who will be there for me like she is!!” She said it like it was a fact “No, one she said!” So I need to be honest with myself so I can have something in my life that is not real.
I drove home even more mixed up then I had been all day to the point where I could not even write a letter. I tried for over three hours just to write one letter but for some reason I felt so confuse and all of a sudden I was unable to do the basics.
I open up my heart to God and even though he knows everything I let it all go and tell him everything. How I truly feel and that I am not asking for much. I did not write down the pros and cons. I just told him and asked him why do I even care?
As I cried out to him and broke down I felt peace like I have only felt at one other time. Then I open up the book and started to read. The more I read the volume of her voice was slowly going away.
God you know that I would like a family to have a son of my very own. Have someone that love’s me for me nothing else. I finally told him what I can do and what I can’t do and that who ever she is would in a way overlook what I can’t do but just to think about what I can do.
God please I am tired of being alone and I really need you more then ever. I am scared and do not want to go through this life all alone I know you are there for me but just like you said Adam needed a help mate I need one too. I confuse my sin and truly am sorry.
Tears kept coming and I kept talking to him. The more I spoke the more love I felt and that it will be okay. I kept saying I was sorry over and over again. I just had no more words to say.
I felt as though he broke something in me. I felt his love true love and what was I thinking and that this church is the truth. I give up!! Going to truly give this matter to you.
I felt your love in my heart. I felt so ashamed for messing up and what I was going to do and just give up something real for something fake.
Only you Lord can help me and please help those who are having a hard time and might trade in a fake love for what the world makes you think is better than you. You know me better then anyone and I really need you to move and help me in this area. Get some thing that is not real over something that is? That can be any thing in a person’s life. I know more then ever the church is the truth!!! No matter what others say the Bible and Book of Mormon and all the other books are true and this is the true church.
You God showed me love and I know you will come through for me in this life and that I would not have to wait until the next truly have peace in that!! Thank you God even though I am a very flawed man thank you.

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Hey y'all!

Hey y'all! My name is Rachel. I am a young single adult. I live in the south in this small town in the middle of nowhere. I attend a little branch here in my town. The church is definitely different out here. I am big on crafting and reading. That is how I spend most of my free time. I have a calling as a family history center consultant and technical advisor. I LOVE family history work. I only started work on my family history work last summer and I have found SO much information. I've been considering starting up a family history blog, but I'm still tossing the idea around. I do have a personal blog that I rarely use. Lately I have been on this reading and writing kick. I enjoy writing but I feel that I am not too great at it and that people won't be interested in what I have to say. I think that this is an opportunity for me to develop my talents and branch out a little. I hope that maybe I can inspire someone with what I have to share. I would love for y'all to send me some idea or suggestions about what it should blog about. Feel free to send ideas and questions to me at

Two Quick Spiritual Thoughts by Lesego Mholo

Life is like a river: the twists and turns along the way are meant to guide us, not stop us 

Everything in God's creation proves God exists-its perfection, its organization, its synchronization, its harmony, its unity, and its balance!

My Perfect Life

By Isidro Zapata

What would I do?
Who would I be?
If I had a Perfect Life
Look at what I would
His love, his grace his peace
Everything that is not
Perfect makes us
Who we are
For it is our
In perfect soul
That rolls out his
Amazing Love
Be broken
So you can be awoken in
Favor of our savior
He will not wavier
In favor
Of your, clever
Perfect Life
You will miss out on his
Amazing Gift
His love his peace his grace
So go ahead and have
Perfect Life
You will look for a
Love that cannot be obtain
In your vain and
 Perfect Life

Monday, February 24, 2014

"Kinds of marriage" by Henry Sentiago

Am write on dis topic...marriage Kinds of marriage Wrong thing dat ppl think about marriage. Firstly marriage is a union of two pattern agreeing and coming togerther as one...having one mind,one goal... KINDS OF MARRIAGE *BED LOCK *DEADLOCK *ARMLOCK *WEDLOCK *PADLOCK *BLESSLOCK Badlock marriage: this is akind of marriage some ppl ar into right now...see the wound of badlock marriage...*stigmatization *shame *setback *Stagnation.pains.sorrow.. Whn u get into badlock marriage... Money stop flowing Loss of job Constant quarrelling and fighting Misunderstanding and disagreement CURES FOR BADLOCK MARRIAGE Seek Godly counsel Trust in the lord Pray constantly Seek genuine gospel.

Can't sleep

By Isidro Zapata

Can't sleep.
Mind is spinning
Cannot stand these nights
Where my mind becomes a cell
of ill and I can not escape.
wait just relax take your
mind off of things
Let it all just stop
For a season
and do not be a clown
for no reason
You could do this
it is not hopeless
I need to be a lot stronger in the faith
Turn to the book that’s the key
To give U
Rest and peace.
Admit it to your self.
Just say it.
Reading the book
Will set you free

Sunday, February 23, 2014

It is Finished

It is finished. I went to work for the last time yesterday, and even though jobs are hard to come by I decided to quit anyway and here is why. When I first applied for the job and was successful in my interview, I stated that I would not work on Sundays, and at first I wasn't give a schedule to work on Sundays.Then I got one Sunday, to work from 10am -6pm so I could only attend sacrament meeting. Sadly I compromised and went anyway, something i shouldn't have done. The next time I got a Sunday, I asked the supervisor if I could work the night shift 4pm to 12am , so that I can attend my meetings at church. She obliged and allowed me to do so. So I was working every other Sunday, but I didn't want to because it just felt awful to be working on Sunday, and I wasn't feeling the spirit as much as I wanted to either. I was always tired on Monday mornings when I had class at 10am, and I am often late for class because I couldn't get up in the morning. Then one Sunday when I was supposed to be at work for the 3rd Sunday in a row, all the talks in sacrament meeting were about keeping the Sabbath day holy.I sat there feeling horrible to the point of tears because I knew that working on Sunday was preventing me from keeping the sabbath day holy.I cried on my mom's shoulder and told her that I didn't want to go to work and that I wanted to leave. She encouraged me to call and tell my supervisor that I wouldn't be able to work that day and encouraged me to resign as well.That was three weeks ago and even though I have been scheduled to work every Sunday since that time, I have not gone to work on Sunday.As soon as I did what I knew was the right thing I felt lighter and happier, and not the least bit worried about how or when I will get another job.I know I made the right decision and I learned that I must NEVER EVER compromise my standards for anything or anyone.

Doctrine and Covenants 59: 9-12
9 And that thou mayest more fully keep thyself  unspotted from the world, thou shalt go to the house of prayer and offer up thy sacraments upon my holy day;
10 For verily this is a day appointed unto you to rest from your labors, and to pay thy devotions unto the Most High;
11 Nevertheless thy vows shall be offered up in righteousness on all days and at all times;
12 But remember that on this, the Lord’s day, thou shalt offer thine oblations and thy sacraments unto the Most High, confessing thy sins unto thy brethren, and before the Lord.
13 And on this day thou shalt do none other thing, only let thy food be prepared with singleness of heart that thy fasting may be perfect, or, in other words, that thy joy may be full.