Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My Architecture Opportunity from Linkedin

An architect asked for my resume and my schedule this summer personally on Linkedin! I hope that I get to work with him. It would be hard, but it would be such a great blessing to practice a skill that I want to pursue. 
     On Thursday night, I got a message from an architect from J.W. Architecture, and I am excited about the opportunity because I always wanted to intern with an architecture firm. I am also excited because I recognized the architectural firm from a task that I had with Delta Stone Products to create a list of all the architectural firms in Utah in order for them to invite them to a design education session, and I recognized the firm. I checked out the website to learn about the company, but there was not much there, so I called the company. I was surprised that I was transferred to talk to the architect himself, and he was the person that send me the message. One thing that I think is weird is that companies always contact BYU Idaho with opportunities for work, but they want them to be available to work within the month or week.

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