Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Good Group Presentation

     I like my Human Resources group because we work well together. We all are humble to each other's opinions. Each of us play a productive and fruitful role. We stepped up to the best standard of teaching in our instruction of the skill of recruiting. Since I love teaching, I was able to express ways to fruitfully accomplish our task. I was happy that we decided to do without a PowerPoint. Our presentation was based on the knowledge of the students in the class. I crafted questions that made learning what recruiting is a simple consideration of a question, and students were able to express their knowledge of it; then, I would expound on their insights. The other members of the group were great at their parts of the presentation, and we were able to put together a good conclusion. We gave ourselves adequate time to practice the presentation by going to the presentation practice center. We rocked the practice session, and we just needed to craft a good conclusion, which we did. Joseph summarized everything, I gave a call to action, and Caroline gave the punch line conclusion statement.

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  1. Congratulations!!! That sounded fun and good. Keep it up bro!