Sunday, June 7, 2015

June 7, 2015

    This week was a little hectic at first because it was midterms week, but I performed well. I had midterms for the following classes: accounting, construction safety, and Human Resources. On Tuesday, I also had a presentation in my Human Resources class about recruiting. I am really happy with my group for that class because we work well together.  I finally watched Wall-e. I have always wanted to watch the movie, but it came out on my mission. We had our second official meet this weekend.
     I am unable to give as much time as I need to in my studies because I need to coordinate Track and Field, but I have withdrawn a little from my responsibilities in competitive sports temporarily. During the weekends of memorial day and the Temple to Temple Relay, I did not organize a coaches' meeting. I have come to have a little better control of my schedule. I got good grades in all my midterms, but I got a C on my take home Statics class, the week before.
     I like my Human Resources group because we work well together. We all are humble to each other's opinions. Each of us play a productive and fruitful role. We stepped up to the best standard of teaching in our instruction of the skill of recruiting. Since I love teaching, I was able to express ways to fruitfully accomplish our task. I was happy that we decided to do without a PowerPoint. Our presentation was based on the knowledge of the students in the class. I crafted questions that made learning what recruiting is a simple consideration of a question, and students were able to express their knowledge of it; then, I would expound on their insights. The other members of the group were great at their parts of the presentation, and we were able to put together a good conclusion. We gave ourselves adequate time to practice the presentation by going to the presentation practice center. We rocked the practice session, and we just needed to craft a good conclusion, which we did. Joseph summarized everything, I gave a call to action, and Caroline gave the punch line conclusion statement.
    I believe that Wall-e is one of Pixar's most pinnacle films. I think that Ratatouille and Wall-e were their two best productions. The stories are so original and meaningful. I don't think any of the other films were as good. I don't like Toy Story because it is too materialistic. None of the children have real friends. They only play with their toys. In the latest Toy Story Film, they showed multiple children play in a room with toys, but they didn't even play with each other. Toy Story and Cars is a franchise just to make money like Frozen. Brave and Up were disappointments. The stories was too odd. I think that Pixar's latest movie Inside Out is going to be too stereotypical. I saw this last week that Pixar is coming out with a new film about dinosaurs, and how dinosaurs were not destroyed by a gigantic meteor. I think that would be interesting. I grew up in the heyday of Pixar, and I think that the quality of their films have abated.
     The track meet went well. My games manager was out of town, so I had to get my own volunteers. Rachel Dunlap, Jessica Ledesma, Brenden Stevens, and Shandarae Williams helped out. Most friends were from my Temple to Temple relay team. Everyone was in good spirits. The events were run well. Rachel was the announcer, and I was able to work with her well. Jessica ran the scoreboard. She was proud that her time was only hundredths of a second off from the official time. Two school records were broken. Dominic Masiarchn ran a 10.57 for the 100 meter dash, and Kasey Taylor broke the shot put record throwing 48' 5"; just an inch further than the previous school record. I had Rachel announce that Dominic broke the 100 meter dash school record, and I was surprised that the people in the stands applauded his performance. A sister came to film the meet, and she is making a video for the scroll this coming week, and I look forward to see that. She was able to film most of the events, and interview coaches and a few athletes. We had a hard time giving athletes records because our timing system was inaccurate, so I had Brother Stutz be the head timer. He is the most experienced in the sport. I would go around and asked people for feedback about the sport, and Brother Stutz said that he was having fun.

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