Sunday, June 7, 2015

Wall-e, the Pinnacle Film of Pixar

    I believe that Wall-e is one of Pixar's most pinnacle films. I think that Ratatouille and Wall-e were their two best productions. The stories are so original and meaningful. I don't think any of the other films were as good. I don't like Toy Story because it is too materialistic. None of the children have real friends. They only play with their toys. In the latest Toy Story Film, they showed multiple children play in a room with toys, but they didn't even play with each other. Toy Story and Cars is a franchise just to make money like Frozen. Brave and Up were disappointments. The stories was too odd. I think that Pixar's latest movie Inside Out is going to be too stereotypical. I saw this last week that Pixar is coming out with a new film about dinosaurs, and how dinosaurs were not destroyed by a gigantic meteor. I think that would be interesting. I grew up in the heyday of Pixar, and I think that the quality of their films have abated.

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