Sunday, June 28, 2015

Leadership Roles are grown into.

  I did not go to Table Rock, but I took the opportunity to help host the Idaho High School Track and Field State Championship Meet. I have to get twelve volunteers. I don't know exactly what we are doing, but I have a meeting with a guy tomorrow. It is interesting how people naturally develop to be a leader after a little effort. I started my leadership by my desire to raise the standard for the competition for cross country by winning the championship in 2013. I was a cross country coach in 2014, and that season was one of the best in a while from my experience. I was offered the opportunity to be the Track and Field Coordinator, and I have been asked to help organize the Idaho State Championship meet after concluding the Track and Field season. Leadership roles come naturally and by choice. Jesse has a natural role to be the leader of our core group of friends, and I can't take his role; therefore, he needs to fulfill it like I need to fulfill my role. I was thinking of not continuing being a coordinator, but a role of a coordinator is to inspire the next generation of coordinators. I have three of my coaches lined up for the next few weeks to participate in coordinator meetings.

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