Thursday, November 27, 2014

'One Penny' by Isidro Zapata

One Penny
I caught You
I know Right?
Just crazy
You were Strong
Standing Tall
But before the
End Of the Day You would fall
& I Would
Now Stand Tall
When I did
not let you spend
one penny
That Day
I Was Showing Both
of U
I was strong
Doing good without
Any Of It From
Either Of You
that when I thought I
was weak &
going to fall
I had BEEN
The One THAT
had always stood tall
and most of
all strong enough
to love you
& forgive U

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 16, 2014

     This past week was not as big as last week, but an interesting thing happened. It was inspired by my blog. A friend named Tamara Rawson, who I met in my business class, writes for the Scroll, the BYU Idaho Newspaper. Somehow she was so inspired from my blog article that she got everyone excited at the Scroll to write an article about me. I accepted Tamara's request to send a photographer to take pictures of us, when I was working out with Devin Collins. One thing about me that I love about myself is that I think a lot. I had some ideas this week that I hope to practice in the future, which can change the world. I am unsure if I should continue to write the development of my friendship with Jessica. I think that I would regret not recording it, so I will. My grades are getting better! When I am asked how I am doing, I answer "It's getting better; always getting better." I got a 99% on the second half of my Mechanical Systems' midterm and a 80 on my Accounting test! Devin Collins is feeling knee pains, and Jessica is not use to feeling sore. I did a presentation in my Electrical Systems class. I am not your standard student; although, I was unable to prepare a formal presentation. It was instructive. I think that I have enough to write about according to this introduction paragraph. I usually write with the intention to reveal my personality to my posterity. I think that writing about school work is boring, so I am unsure if I will do that.
     On Monday morning I woke up to an email from Tamara, saying that she wants to write an article about my cross country experience. Tamara was in my group of my business class usually, sittin right next to me. We set up an appointment for Tuesday. We spoke about fifty minutes. It felt like a conversation to catch up with an old friend, but she asked about my coaching style and my cross country experience mainly. I did go off of tangents. I think that she invited them though. I told her about a couple of my runners that I would recommend for her to interview. I gave her the phone numbers of five of my athletes, but she was only able to interview Kiana. Since I gave her abundant material to write about, I thought that it would be hard for her to put together an article. Devin Collins did a video interview with me to, and I had him sent her his interview with me. Upon the thought of the difficulty of writing the article, I followed up on Tamara and Kiana on the progress of the article. Tamara said that her article will only be 500 words long. Jesse, my roommate, said that was not much, and Kiana said "Cool! 500 wrds is better than none!" I have both perspectives. It's short, but it's better than none.
     That evening I ran with Devin with Katie taking pictures of us for the article. I asked Katie how she would like us to do the photo-shoot, saying that we usually run for twenty minutes. She said that she would need the twenty minutes to figure out her camera settings, so we went off. I was surprised how happy that we should look in the pictures. Our conversation had me smiling, and we enjoyed every minute of our run. Katie took pictures of us each lap that we ran. She took like 50 photographs. After the run she wanted to take portrait pictures of me, holding my shoes over my shoulder, and she was taking a bunch of pictures of me even when I was taking off my shoes. Posing for her portraits were naturally funny to me, and she did not need to ask me to smile because how awkward she was.
    My ideas have mainly been inspired by my Methods and Materials class because it is more theoretical, and less skill based. On Monday morning, I was reading that the purpose of an exterior wall is to resist the forces of light, wind, water, and pressure, and my idea was why should we resist these elements, when there is a lot of energy that can be harvested. In this same class, one of the first things that we did was watch a documentary on the construction of the new world trade center. It said that the building needs to resist hurricane winds year round. A lot of energy can be harvested from towers. They resist pressures that can blow out or suck out windows. I suspect that these pressures are usually pretty constant. I expect that a device can be placed to resist these pressures and produce electricity or a useful service. My buildings can be self-sustaining producing their own electricity, and the excess energy will need to be sold. I can make a utility company. You can harvest energy from the elements that building resist. Another idea that I have can from an explanation that insulation in an old house usually should not be replaced because there is moisture and condensation that is formed when there is a difference in air temperature from the inside and outside. The humidity coming from the inside of the house to the outside cold condensates in the wall. If you replace the oftentime insulation-less old house exterior walls, condensation is formed in the wall insulation, which can be very messy. This idea can produce water, which would be nice for drought land like California. My physics teacher said that there are lands which are deemed infertile because there is too much salt in the soil, and the fertility of the land can be restored if pure water is used to wash the salts out of the land. These were my ideas.
      Jessica and I have been keeping up developing our friendship. On Monday we were planning to run, but her gym shirt was dirty. She refuses to wear her dirty gym shirt as most guys usually use a singular gym shirt multiple times a week
     We went on a walk instead. I thought that the school had a program where one can rent a gym shirt, so we checked out that option. The school quit renting gym clothes though. I think that we got dinner too. We thought that our accounting classes were covering the same topics, so I helped her study the next morning. The textbook for her class is not good. We figured out some of her confusions. Mostly it was terminology that had very similar definitions, and when we tried the homework, the definitions were broader than what we thought that it was. On Wednesday we got to running. We ran a lap, and we decided that I should teach her running form. She is a solid runner, not jogging slow; although, she has to stop to rest every five minutes. I told her to be careful if her calves get tight because that causes shin splints. We make sure to stretch our calves. I didn't do it with her at first because I rarely stretch; however, doing an activity properly is easier with someone, so we decided to do it together. On Friday we went on a walk, and she asked if we can lessen the amount of time that we run because her legs were so sore. She also asked what would happen if she quit after one day. I said that it would get worse because your body will think that activity is just a one-time thing, taking its time to recover, and she would get more sore for a greater extent of time. If she kept running, her body would recognize that running is going to be a regular thing, healing the muscles faster and reducing the pain. She said walking to classes were very painful, but her body has already gotten used to the routine, not being sore.
     On Friday evening we were going to planning to go to a formal event called Opera Scenes with the gang with Rachel, Paige, Jesse, and Nephi. I decided that I wanted to get a haircut to prepare for the formal event that night, so I asked Jessica if she can meet up after our accounting classes. I thought that we had our accounting classes at the same time because we have a class at the same time in the Smith Building. My thoughts were not correct though; however, we did meet up after the class. When she came, she looked at me as if I had a glorious spontaneous adventure to be found. I just imagined that I was going to walk her to her next study session or class, and I could get some of her haircut preferences or ideas. As we walked, we didn't seem to have a decided course until she asked where the hair salon was. My haircut seemed to be the glorious spontaneous adventure. I showed her around town as we made our way to the salon. We checked out the movies at the cheap theater and went straight to the destination afterwards. I really liked my barber and my haircut. The barber had 46 years of experience, and I let her be creative as I usually do, since Jessica didn't have any suggestions. She didn't ask any other questions for my preferences other than how long that I would like it. I liked that. I think that Jessica likes me because she thought that it was funny whenever the barber sprayed my hair with water because I had to squint and wink. The barber sprayed my face. I think that only someone interested in me would notice that, thinking that it was cute. Afterwards we went to have brunch, and we studied together until she had a study session. I like that we have a mature productive relationship, where we have the temperance to study next to each other without chatting too much.
     Opera Scenes was amazing. Jessica and I are looking for to the full on opera in the Spring. I told her the day before that she needed to let me pay for our dinner when we went out to dinner because I think that she likes to be independent. I already said before that she usually paid for herself. I don't feel like writing about the show. It was weird to get used to the subtitles. The expression of and in the singers showed the opera scene well. I don’t like the intense stories, and how the actors have to inflict those situations on themselves. I wonder if there are effects on the body, mind, and spirit for acting such terrible circumstances.

     Today is now Thursday. I sorrowfully have to write that both Jessica and Devin are enduring knee pains. I must be doing something wrong. Yesterday I interviewed for the track and field coordinator position. The article about me came out in the Scroll on Tuesday, but it is not on the website yet. I successfully wired my first circuit on my electrical systems class. My internship opportunity with RJ Enterprises has been approved by the school today, which is November 20, 2014. I have been hanging out with Jessica every day this week, and she doesn't mind. I am racing the turkey trot this Saturday, and she said that she wants to watch me. I need to win the turkey for Thanksgiving.
     Late last week, Devin said the pain of his injury has been maintaining itself over the weekend, and I endured the sorrow of witnessing Jessica develop an enduring injury similar to Devin. She felt a pain developing on the insides of below her knees, saying that she felt that shin splints may be causing her knees to bend inward. I asked more about how it felt, and she said that it felt tight like a muscle. That confused me because there is little muscle on the inside section below the knee. I asked which way does it hurt when she moves her leg, and she said that it hurts when she pulls her leg back with her hamstring. We decided to stretch our calves, hamstring, and quadriceps. As we did that Jessica expressed that she wants to finish her run of that day. After stretching, we attempted to run again, but the pain changed to a bruise feeling, and she did not jog for longer than ten yards.
     My interview for the position of being the Track and Field coordinator went great. It was pretty simple because all we did is review my plans, which I made with Brother Stutz with the director. I was surprised by Brother Stutz' decision at the end of the interview because he spoke to the director committing him to quick decisions concerning the coordinator of Track and Field. The director said that he would like two weeks to decide, but Brother Stutz asked me if having December fifth until the end of the semester to do what I wanted was enough time. I said that it was not enough time because it would only give me a couple weeks to round everyone up, organize a Track and Field and Cross Country Association, and start choosing coaches. My surprise was that Brother Stutz committed the director to make a decision by this coming Tuesday, working with my schedule and plans for the next Track and Field Season.
     Check out the first circuit that I successfully wired. It is a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI), protecting a couple other outlets. Last Friday I completed a few more circuits for my lab class, and the only mistakes that I had were instructions on what to do on things that I did not know about like what do you do with the grounding wire in the box, which is plastic, and the light fixture does not require grounding. I wanted to practice grounding a metal box, but I could not figure out how to use the attaching thingumabob, so he showed me how to do that too.

     I got an email, approving that I can enroll in the winter semester for an internship, and I went to confirm with the school if RJ Enterprise has completed the master agreement form. They did! I need to figure out some things know for my winter stay in Heber City, Utah now.
     Saturday was a big day in my life. I was hanging out with Paige and the gang, and I asked her  to "Guess what I did today."
     She answered "You won the turkey."
     I replied. "Yes, but I asked Jessica if she would like to date steadily again." She was so excited for that she texted Rachel, and Rachel asked me about the great news. She already knew it, so I didn't tell her that we are dating steadily. I did tell her the story though. I will tell the complete story at this time. We watched Interstellar, which is an amazing film. I insisted somewhat on walking home in the daylight because I wanted a good environment to ask her, if she wanted to date steadily again. I planned to walk home on the shortcut path, which is more scenic and private than the rest of town; although, there is no lights, so I didn't want to walk home in the night on that trail. When we walked home on that path, it started hailing on us, and I learned from the flood of last semester that it is better to hide from the hail than to endure it on the travel. We found a spot to hide next to a bridge. I actually came to like that the hail was in our occasion because the path was completely covered with hail, making it a solid pure white scene. When the hailed slowed up and we started walking again, I knew that the time was coming. The time came when our conversation slowed up.

    I said "When we walked home on this path, I was planning of asking if you would like to date steadily again."
     Jessica said "Sure."
     My reply was "Cool." I thought up a good conversation afterwards to have a good start to our relationship, and I didn't think of how I will reply to her approval of us dating steadily.
     I decided to set everything straightforward. I asked "What do you understand is the purpose of dating steadily?" She did not have a definite purpose. I said that a friend from my old YSA branch taught me that the purpose of dating steadily is to see that if the relationship is good enough to make marriage workout. I told her that I have never kissed anyone and that I want the most happy, fruitful, and mature relationship with her. There are a lot of immature couples here. I also said that when we are steady dating, it is time to set the habits of a fruitful marriage and figure everything out. It is too late if you begin to figure these things out when you are engaged. We decided to talk about the things that are most important to us the next day and how we are ensure that we establish them in our relationship. That conversation went well.
Things Most Important to Jessica and I

     There is a program that I downloaded that I was introduced to in an education class, which helped us organize the conversation. We read the chastity part of For Strength of Youth pamphlet and spoke of the law of Chastity misconceptions that we see in most relationships at Brigham Young University - Idaho. There are so many immature relationships. We always hold hands when we walk around especially when it is slippery from ice.
     When we walked over a slick section of the sidewalk, Jessica slipped, and she lost her phone. After we searched for it that night, we trusted that humanity would return it to the Lost and Found. I sent a message to the phone for whoever retrieved it to contact me. The phone was returned, and I was contacted to inform Jessica where it was at. In the evening Jessica informed me that her phone was switched by her mother to only connect to iPhones via text and calling. I didn't think that her parents would oppose us dating steadily, but they did. We spoke about it today. They think that she has not dated enough to know who she wants to marry. Their opposition to us dating is messing with my head. I hope that they don't resist us dating too long.
     The article about me, winning the turkey trot, was expected to come out today by the journalist (November 25, 2014). John Combs, who got fourth in the Cross Country Championship Race, asked me before we ran the 5K, if I have any friends, joining me. I said that I didn't because I want to limit the competition, since I need to win the turkey. It was cold, and the track was covered with slush and wet. I didn't want my shoes to be wet, and I found that the astro-turf did not get my shoes wet; therefore, I ran my warm up around the field. The race started about 9:15, which I was not used to. The coordinator had everyone come at 9:00. Usually races start at the time that we meet, so I arrived more than 20 minutes early. I warmed up running more laps than usual, since it was starting late. The race was the same as the past two years, but it went backwards. We unconventionally ran two warm up laps as part of the race. I, of course, did not see it as a warm up. I used it to check out the competition, and get a good placement therein. There was not much competition. There were only two people running in front, which is the most ideal location to be behind. After running 700 meters, and the competition slowed down. I knew that getting the lead position this early will basically guarantee my win because it is really hard to catch the leading person from a distance. When I was about half way up the hill, I saw a confusing scene. Runners from a turkey trot race was running very fast in the opposite direction of me. When I passed them, I realized that I should not worry that I ran the wrong way because their bid numbers looked different than ours. Having two races running in opposite directions was not hard for me to adapt to; although, John Combs said that the cones showing the path did not make sense to him. He stood for a minute confused. It was at a point where the runners had to run a sharp turn left into a parking lot, 180°, and run back to the main road. When I ran that part there was a guy about 50 meters behind me. I learned never to look back in a race, so I pressed forward until the finish. I was grateful that the guy never caught me. I won the turkey! Tamara, who wrote the article about me, received me at the finish line. Jessica didn't make it because 9 AM was too early. The first thing that Tamara asked was "Have you ever thought of being a famous runner because you are famous here?" She mentioned how I am always in the paper and they are interested in writing about me. I think that it is just her. I just wanted to get my turkey, and go do yoga with Jessica. I needed to get the Turkey because Jesse, Paige, Rachel, and I are having Thanksgiving at Bear Lake, and my role was to provide the turkey.
     As we did yoga I was happy that she said that her legs didn't hurt, but today, the 25th of November a few days later, she said that her knee pains are getting worse, hoping that it won't interfere with her job opportunity, when she goes home. I seem to have come full circle. After yoga we had lunch at Togo's and watched Interstellar.
Edited out tangents: I am so minimalistic that last time that I was asked to take pictures, it was spontaneously for a classmate from last semester during Halloween as we visited a pumpkin patch. I only took one really good picture, and the family of my classmate was impressed. It looked like a good family photo.

Monday, November 24, 2014

"Happy Thanksgiving!!!! :)" by Sister Koroitamana

Heya Love!
Transfers was this past week and my new companion is Sister Tanton. She is great and she has really red hair hahaha:) She has been out about  9 months and she is slowly loving being a Sister Training Leader. I know it's taking a lot out of her and I know that sometimes she feels scared. I can honestly say that I know how she feels. Right now I am working on just loving her more and helping her to become her fullest potential. I miss Sister Matheson and all her craziness and our great times but I know and feel that Heavenly Father called Sister Tanton here for a reason. I guess I am learning to involve her more especially as teach. I really want us to teach equally and not have to feel like I'm the one doing the talking all the time. That's really the last thing I want to be. We've really been working on that and yesterday I fasted so that I could know how to help her and involve her more. I was in church and as we listened I felt like Heavenly Father really just wants me to love her as Christ would. So I will work on that. 

This week we also continued to teach the Paguyo Family. They are doing so well. Christina is having a little of a hard time giving up coffee and she doesn't really see why Coffee and Tea are a part of that. We've been praying really hard to know how to help her! please pray for her. On Friday night we were on Exchanges and as I went to bed that night I was thinking alot! about Christina and how we could help her. I felt prompted to share the Restoration again with her and especially pointing out the role of Prophets and how they can receive revelation for our needs. I also felt to encourage her and teach how to receive her own revelation from God of this through the Book of Mormon. I quickly got out of bed that night and wrote this down because knowing me I would surely forget the next morning. ( I realized that most of my promptings usually come when I'm all comfortable in bed- I think Heavenly Father is testing me to see if I value his promptings enough to get up and write it down hahaha:) So Lately I've decided to keep a promptings Journal by my bed. I'm happy to say that It's helped alot!

On Saturday we went with the Paguyo Family to the Visitors Centre and Mama it was so incredible to see them feel the spirit there and just loved being there. As soon as they drove onto the temple grounds Petey (who's 9) immediately recognized that things were different here. He told us he just felt so peaceful and it was all nice quiet compared to all the noise he's used to in his neighborhood. Christina (Petey's Mom) shared how she felt like even on the Temple grounds it felt like it was a whole other world away from the Busyness in Los Angeles. I just wanted to cry and my heart was so filled with Joy and comfort as they expressed how they felt even before touring the Visitors Centre. Oh the funniest thing happened as well. As we were in front of the Christus Christina shared how earlier that day they were all in a store and Austin (who's 5) told the lady at the store that God was his Father :) then he pointed to Christina and said that she was his Mom and then he pointed  to  Pete (his Father) and said that Pete wasn't really his real Father because Heavenly Father was his Father :) 
we all just laughed as we heard this and it was sooo amazing to me how he was taking in the things that we'd shared with his family. Christina definitely helped him clear that up. At the Visitor's Centre I really felt like it was the most inspired tour we've ever had. I loved the spirit we all felt there and Christina and Pete committed to really read and pray about the Book of Mormon to help them get their own answers from God. Mama I love their family so much! As we went to the room where it showed God's Plan for Families it was soo special to watch the video about this family living the Gospel then it was even more special to see the Paguyo family learning and taking those steps to live the Gospel. We shared something we liked about the person sitting on our right and Austin mentioned that he loved that his Mom prayed with him:) The Gospel is sooo Cool! The next they had other commitments to go to so Christina mentioned that they might not be able to come to church that Sunday! I prayed so much on Saturday to know how to help them choose to follow God first. We woke Sunday Morning and really just promised them blessings of Peace that Heavenly Father has for them if they choose to come to church. ( I am learning that if we really do love someone we will ask them to do hard things because that's the only way they will grow - Oh it's soo hard for me to ask people to do this and make these changes because I know that it's hard sometimes, but it really does bring me alot of comfort and love to know that Heavenly Father really loves them and wants to bless them and the only way that they can truly be happy and feel that fulfilling Joy is through following Jesus Christ and making changes to come closer to him) That day they all chose to come to church! I was really grateful and in awe at the love Heavenly Father has for them and the love that they all have for him.

I Love you Heaps!!!!

Sister Koroitamana:)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

'Forgiveness' by Isidro Zapata

I wonder how many times I need to forgive others I know I make a lot of mistakes but makes me think of the time me and my mom sat down & had a real talk I remember every word she said to me
"I know I was not a good mother & you have every right to hate me & never speak to me ever again & I will understand if you never see me again!!"
Her, words shock me because she was being truly honest in how she treat me how she treated my brothers & sisters was a lot different.
When I was going to be ten my mom promise to take me out to dinner but again she did not keep her promise. So I told her it was okay but asked if she was able to get me a birthday cake this got her really mad & beat me then left with my sister they came back my mom drag me from the living room to the kitchen then said I had to eat it all by myself or I would get it.
So to the question my mom ask yes she was a bad mother but her words broke all the angry I had for her even hate because before I got ill I never really spoke or went to see her just for the holidays that was it. One thing I remember is when I forgave her my
In order to forgive you need to leave the hate and let LOVE GROW IN THAT PLACE. So next time you or I make a mistake & ask God to forgive us I am sure his love towards you GROWS EVEN MORE

Monday, November 17, 2014

'HOPE' by Sister Koroitamana

Hi!!!!!! This week has been a crazy Fun Week! We got to cover the YSA Branch again for a little bit this weekend and I just love them so much! We had a  miracle happen last week on Monday! While emailing I felt a tap on my shoulder and as I looked back! It was Jarrett!!!! We had previously taught him in the YSA Branch and had such an amazing lesson with him where he accepted to be baptized and was really excited but after that lesson he just disappeared! we tried calling him but his phone didn't work! We tried stopping by his house so many times but we couldn't find him and now almost 2 months later he was standing right in front of  me! Wow I was sll speechless! hahaha! He was soo happy to see us he expressed that he was so sorry his phone had gotten disconnected and he wasn't really home anymore but he still wanted to meet with us. WoW was all I can say to that experience:) 

I think the thing that really helps me the most is my personal Scripture Study. As I read and ponder of the stories in the Book of Mormon and reflect on how faithful Heavenly Father always is to the people that love him and follow him, that really strengthens my testimony that just as God delivered the Nephites countless times regardless of how outnumbered they were I know that he will deliver us and provide for us regardless of how unlikely our circumstances may be as long as we are truly doing all we can to help ourselves and we are being Faithful to his commandments. ( Please read Alma 2:) I came across this scripture a couple of weeks ago after we had just had a lesson with some investigators that weren't really accepting our message. As we came out of that lesson that night this scripture came back so clearly to my mind and I just felt reassured that all things would work out in the Lord's time. I felt that in reminding me of this Heavenly Father was telling me that just as he consecrated the Nephites efforts he would consecrate my efforts and my weaknesses. I am really grateful for Personal Study time. I told Sister Matheson about this and expressed to her how I just wished that every Missionary would cherish their study time because the promises I learn during that time are really what help me to keep going when things seem hopeless. A couple of weeks after that Sister Matheson and I were called and asked to give a training on using our Study time Effectively! :) Wow! I was so grateful! if you haven't already please set a some time aside to just study the scriptures! They are filled with so many great Promises. I know your schedule is kind of hectic but I can honestly say that it really does make a big difference.

The Paguyo Family are doing well.They all came to church yesterday and little Petey was a little shy to go to Primary but once we showed him how it was he went:) Pete Snr's best friend is Member as well and upon hearing of their Baptism he asked Pete if he could Baptize him! He is currently in Columbia and will be back on the weekend of the 30th so they will be Baptized on the 29th of November. They are doing so well! Pete came to the Departing Missionary fireside last night and just loved it! We asked him how he liked it and how he felt in the end and he said that he could just feel so much love there and it felt so overwhelming for him. We asked him how he felt towards Baptism and he said that felt so excited!!! Mama they are a great people I know that God loves them and really has prepared them to receive his Gospel at this time:) I also know and feel that there are many people out there even here in Manhattan Beach that are really prepared just like the Paguyo Family to receive the Gospel as well. It's been really amazing for me to see that almost everyone that we talk to has had some sort of association with members of the Church somewhere along their lives. I can truly feel that the Lord truly is hastening his work and I always love what President Weidman shared that "This work has less to do with us and more to do with how you and I respond to the Promptings of the Holy Ghost" One such experience I had about that this week is when we were trying to contact a potential investigator one night and she wasn't home as we walked out of her apartment complex the thought to try and talk to her neighbors came to my mind but I almost quickly brushed it aside because I rationalized and told myself that it was getting too late and they'd probably not be too keen. The thought came again and I quickly recognized that I had often told myself many times before that if the thought was good it was from God. So I decided to act on it anyway and asked me companion if we could knock on their door. We did and a Man named Preston answered the door. He said that almost all day today he had been seeing missionaries everywhere he went and now there we were at his door again. We told him that God was probably trying to tell him something:) He said he was atheist but we just testified of God's love for him and shared about the Book of Mormon with him. He didn't allow us to share much more with him but as we walked away I felt so good knowing that Heavenly Father had helped me to listen to a prompting and that Preston was now a step Closer to God than he was before we met him. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father is soo merciful and is so aware of us especially me and my weaknesses. 
Lately I've been thinking about a weakness that I have of not being super good at voicing my thoughts. I came home on Saturday night and really reflected on this and How I could try to improve. Then on Sunday a Return Missionary gave a talk at church and shared experiences he'd had and also pointed out the weaknesses he had as well weaknesses even the Prophets in the Bible had, he mentioned Specifically Moses and Enoch who were both slow of Speech. As I listened to this I just felt so reassured in my heart that My Heavenly heard me that night and that he knew and loved me and is aware of every child of his. I loved it! I am learning that going into any meeting with a question can really help us to have great spiritual experiences. Just a tip. 
Also this weekend was a little of a crazy fun weekend for us. We temporarily covered the El Camino Branch again and it was such a Blessing! I loved it! We got to be in a trio with Sister Park (From Korea) and it was soo Fun:) We also received a call last night since it's transfers and So Sister Matheson is leaving to serve in Torrance 1st. I am excited for her to serve there as I've served there before and love the people there and Sister Tanton will be my new companion:) There are so many changes in the Mission it's really exciting! 

I Love you a Tonne!!!!

Sister Koroitamana 

Monday, November 10, 2014

'Pictures:)' by Sister Koroitamana

Heya Love! 
How are you? This week has been a great week I learnt alot of great lessons this week. One that really stuck out to me was that when we truly choose to do the Lord's will and not ours things really do work out for the BEST, we're more happier and we allow the Lord to help us become all that he created us to be. When we allow the Lord to really guide us we can become successful. I learnt this On Saturday night. Sister Matheson and I went with CJ and his Mom Maritza to the Visitors Center and they loved it! They are both not members but CJ's father is less active and is not really as involved in the lessons as we'd like. We realized that one of Maritza's main concerns is that she feels that the church is run by men and not really by God. She's had a lot of experiences where the members around her weren't really being the best Examples and she feels that the church is just like a business organization. The Sisters at the Visitors Center really helped alot! We shared about Prophets being called of God and how she can come to really know for herself if she really just prays sincerely and asks God. I loved that the Sisters at the Visitors Center were able to teach to their needs even though they didn't really know much about them. It just makes me really grateful for the Holy Ghost and how it really does help us help us Heavenly Father's children according to their needs. Maritza and CJ are great! we just love them so much! today is Sister Matheson's Birthday!!! So Maritza allowed us to come by her home and let her Maid do our Laundry. That was so nice of her. 

I just sometimes feel like time is just flying by so fast and before we know it it's already Monday again! Wow! this week we have truly seen a lot of Miracles in our lives. We've been meeting with Christina and her family regularly this week and they are just Amazing! We came over for our lesson on Friday and we got to meet her husband. (this whole time we've only been meeting with her and her kids) We got to finally meet her husband and is soo great! Wow! They are just a great family and are so prepared, His name is Pete:) We taught them the Plan of Salvation and they just loved it so much! They had both grown up with some sort of religious background and have always known of just a Heaven and Hell and have kind of always looked at God as a scary being. As we shared the Plan of Salvation with them we really felt that the Spirit was there and they really just beamed. We asked how they felt about it and they said they just felt so comforted in knowing this plan and Christina mentioned that the Moment we started sharing it with her she just knew that it was true. WOW! I really can't put into words how I feel about their family! I just love them so much! Yesterday as we waited in church for CJ and Martiza to come as well as Christina and her family to come! We were just filled with so much as they all came! I really felt like it was all a Miracle! We had saved seats for them in the front and so we all sat together. Christina, Pete and their kids all came and they also brought a friend with them! I just felt so good yesterday being able to be in church with all the people I've really come to love surrounding us. It was Perfect! We had a lesson with Christina and  Pete and their family later that night and they are all preparing to be baptized!!!! I'll attach a picture of them. At the end of the lesson as we all knelt to pray Austin who's 4 agreed to try and say the closing Prayer ( Prior to this he was always too shy to pray) but it was sooo cute to hear him say the Closing prayer. Mama it was sooo Precious! He is soo adorable! Christina Cried as she heard Austin pray:) I am really grateful for a loving Heavenly Father. I know and could feel him with us last night as we shared the Restoration. I know he was with us. We could feel him so close. Ah! What a wonderful feeling! We had our Ward Mission Leader Brother Hiatt with us and it's awesome to be able to work well with our members and help them, be more involved in helping our people progress. 
I learnt something really neat this week that is that 90% of any persons conversion occurs when we (the Missionaries) are not there. That really got me thinking about the importance of not only teaching people these wonderful truths but also helping them to receive revelation for themselves. I feel like this is something everyone needs in order to really be sure and steadfast in the Gospel. 
I reflected alot his week on all that has been happening in our area and I remembered my Call letter. There's a promise in there that says that if I really serve the Lord with all my heart leaving behind all thoughts of home and worldly thinking and truly just give the Lord my he would lead me to those who are prepared to receive his Gospel. I think of Bob and I think of Christina and her family and I really just feel that that that promise is true! As I reflected on this I just felt such a great desire to always be worthy of that promise. I know that Heavenly Father really does help me to my part. How are things on your side? What can I do to help you? What can I pray for? 
I Love you!!!
Sister Koroitamana

November 9, 2014

    I am the type of person that most everyday has a story to tell at the end of the day. This entry is a rare one in my opinion because I talk about my future. I usually write of things that have happened, not writing about the developing events around me, which have not happened. I have a lot of stuff to write about; although, it has only been one week. Not much happened on Monday, but we had a super fun Family Home Evening, playing smurf. Tuesday was an interesting day. After the weekend, where Jessica said that she would not like to date steadily, somehow I am hanging out with her more and our relationship is closer. Oh yeah. On Monday I was getting lunch at the crossroads, and she saw me, joining me for the meal. She accepted my invitation to join us for devotional. As I was waiting to walk with her into devotional, Brother Stutz (I introduced him last entry.) approached me, inviting me to be the coordinator of track and field in the Spring, because I sent him an email, saying that it would be disappointing to see the events of track be limited to long distance races according to his proposal. On Wednesday I began training with Devin Collins, working with him to establish a Ragnar team. It is interesting that I feel that I have now become a personal trainer because Jessica wants to run the temple to temple relay with my team. She is not a runner, but I am going to train her, starting tomorrow. I got a B in my accounting test on Friday. I am pretty proud of that. If the semester ended now, I would be in trouble, but I am optimistic that I can pass all my classes. There were more things that happened in my life, but I don't think that they are worth talking about.
    Since Jessica said that she did not want to date me, my week was kind of awkward because I ran out of dating opportunities. I sacrificed them for our relationship. I believe in dating one person at a time if you are pursuing a relationship. It would be weird to be dating around, when one is working out better than the others. I tried to ask out the other girls again, when I was dating more openly, but I realized that it is a little disrespectful to ask someone out about three weeks after your first date for the second date. God seems to be leading us together with the many opportunities which Jessica and I have seized this week. We had moments together this week counting more than the last few weeks combined. Most were coincidental. I don't believe in coincidences, so they were miraculous blessings of God. We saw each other twice on Monday, three times on Tuesday, and I don't know how many other times that we saw each other between Wednesday and Friday. I invited Jessica to join my Temple to Temple relay team on Tuesday, and, when we had lunch together on Friday, she confirmed her desire to run with us, which she held back a little during the initial invitation. Our relationship seems to be back on track. One thing that I learned is that I should not assume anything in relationships. I did not assume that our relationship is over, when we saw each other again after our conversation. We just carried on with our friendship as if it was continually developing. I might as well introduce her with her full name now that we are more committed to each other, for we decided to train together for the Temple to Temple Relay. Her name is Jessica Ledesma. It was nice to feel her embrace on Friday because she followed up on the Temple to Temple Relay invitation, saying that she would like to run with us. When we concluded eating our lunch, she invited me to walk her to her next class, which I did of course. I would never turn away time to be with her.
     I was in the MC, when Brother Stutz approached me about coordinating Track and Field. I don't recommend studying there; although, I got this opportunity to coordinate Track and Field by studying there. A couple of my friends passed by coming talk to me, and I got no homework done. My email proposed an idea to cultivate unity in the separate Track teams. My proposition was to have two distinctly different teams. One team meets at 6, and the other meets at 7. That would still not work to bring unity to the track teams. The other part of the idea is similar to what I did for my cross country team. That is to have a time to warm up together as a team and socialize. I put more ideas together and proposed them to him on Thursday. On Tuesday night on the previous week, I posted on Twitter a revelation that I planned to do. It was "I have a vision to change education, and I am going to pursue it. It's called capitalism!" This was my idea for promoting the Track Team with capitalism. I was planning to get sponsorship to fund the production of shirts; then, scholarships will be given to the winning athletes of each event with the profit of sells. These shirts will be used for advertising for the sponsors businesses, bring them to the companies with discounts for running shoes and whatnot. I also thought that if the companies provided breakfast and lunch during the track meets it can promote their business and Track and Field. Brother Stutz asked how I will promote each event's competition, and told him that offering an equal amount of scholarship money for each event will make the competition equal. He said that there won't be any scholarships though, and he shot down my idea to raise money for shirts because the school already fundraised, asking for thousands of dollars from the local businesses, and it would be disrespectful to allow additional representatives of the school to nickel and dime them so to speak. We had to compromise on my ideas. We could still make shirts, but it will not be profitable, and we could make additional shirts with the recovery of the investment in the shirts. Brother Stutz likes my ideas, hoping that I can begin early on the promotion. I would start now by organizing a Track and Field and Cross Country Association to foster a fellowship among athletes. The success of Track and Field will be dependent on networking.
     The Ragnar Team Assembly with Devin has required networking too.  Ragnar is a 200 mile relay. It was not my idea. Devin wants to do it, so we are organizing this team. The amount of teammates is the same as the Temple to Temple relay. We basically have a full team already. I think that we have seven runners committed. Since three of mine need to save up money, they are halfway committed. I seem to have become a personal trainer for the second half of my semester. I developed a workout schedule that I recommend. It is more conservative than what I did as a coach, but I believe that it will work. Jossy Reyes, a friend of mine who is going to run the Temple to Temple relay with me, said "I didn't know I signed up for this." This is the workout schedule that I recommended.

"Also since a lot of you are beginners, I recommend that you jog for about 20 minutes three days a week for a couple weeks with cross training of lunges and another exercise that I recommend. I can show you it, if you would like. 
After the two weeks, I recommend increasing the time of the work out to 30 minutes three days a week; then, add a fourth day of working out on the week after; the fifth day the week after that. Do that for another week, and increase the number of minutes to forty minutes after that. You guys will be fit. Always keep progressing."

I asked her what she did not sign up for. She said that she wants to do the Temple to Temple Relay, but this commitment surprised her. I told her that I did not expect this of everyone. It is just a recommendation. I am doing this routine with Devin and Jessica. It seems to be working well with Devin. He is surprisingly a powerful fast runner.

Monday, November 3, 2014

'Letting the Good Times Roll <3' by Sister Koroitamana

Heya! Love! 

How are you? How was your week?

This week has been a good long short week. We had Zone Conference this week and it was Awesome! as always. We learnt a tonne of really good things and as we've applied the things we learnt Sister Matheson and I have really seen so many great miracles that truly came from the Lord as we acted. On Tuesday we received a training about Sincere Prayer. I seriously loved it! I loved learning about the Power of our prayers once again and most especially the Power of sincerely saying it regularly and in Faith and not just saying it like a routine.That night Sister Matheson and I really tried to practice it and we were so amazed at the Miracles we saw in our lives that day. We had just gotten out of dinner and we'd been really praying that the Lord would help us reach our goals. We had dinner with the Manley Family that night (I love them so much!) and we came out and received a text saying that we'd just received a referral. We were sooo excited and super Happy. We had been praying regularly and really sincerely that we would find 2 new investigators that night. We went and contacted that referral and got to meet Tonya. She had gone online to try and get a Bible and she found so she requested a free bible there. She is sooo Awesome we talked with her about what we do as Missionaries and she expressed that just recently she'd been feeling a need to come closer to God and she's been trying to find a church that she and her family could go to. We got to share a little lesson with her and her daughter Taniyah (she's 14) that night and they just loved it! and allowed us to come back the next day! We did go back and taught her the Restoration and she just loved it and was just so amazed by it! We felt prompted to invite her to be baptized and she accepted a Baptismal Date!!!!! That was such a huge miracle for us.It was soo funny though because right after she accpeted to be baptized she thought for a while then said;" I'ma have to get me a new weave so it doesn't float up" hahaha we just laughed so hard:D  She really just strengthened my testimony that regardless of what our circumstances may be (however hard our area or circumstances may be) as we really pray sincerely and work diligently the Lord truly does Magnify our callings and he makes miracles happen! 
This week we also had the great blessing of Meeting Christina Aguyo. She is so amazing and truly the most special and prepared person I know, We had found her in the area book. The Sisters before us had met her in the Park and were never able to contact her again. We went by to check her out and she allowed us to come back! She is so special and I just know that God loves her so much! She had had a Mormon friend who had invited her to activities a while back and she's always loved how the Gospel was so family oriented. On Saturday we were planning to have a lesson with her and we were trying to find a member who could come with us but everyone that we asked were either sick or not able to. We prayed alot! to find a member who would be a good fellow shipper for Christina and we had asked a couple of the Sisters and neither of them were responding, Finally late Friday Evening one of the Sisters responded and she suggested that we try calling a new Sister that had just moved into the ward to come with us - her name was Sister Clark. We quickly asked Sister Clark even though it was getting kind of late and she quickly responded that she would love to come with us:) Wow! that was such a huge blessing and relief! We went by to Christina the next day and it truly was one of the most amazing lessons I've had on my mission. We were planning to show her a video of President Monson's talk from the previous General Conference called "Ponder the Path of thy Feet" and as we followed up with her on her understanding of the Restoration and she quickly mentioned that she loved the idea of Prophets and having a modern day Prophet today! Wow! we (Sister Matheson, Sister Clark and I) all just felt so much comfort knowing that truly this was the Lord's work and that he was leading us through his spirit to help Christina. We watched the talk with her and it was sooo amazing. I could definitely feel the Spirit present in our lesson and although kids were playing and doing their thing, I just felt so calm and reassured inside. I was praying so hard that during the lesson the kids would behave and not be too much of a distraction and through out the whole lesson they were just being really good. It was soo good. After the video we asked one of her sons who is 9 how he felt as he listened he said that although he wasn't paying full attention he just felt so calm:) Christina accepted a Baptismal Date for the 23rd of November and she and her son and her friend who she invited came to church last Sunday!!! She is really such a great example to me. I love her so much!!!! Can you please pray for her? 

I Love you Tonnes!

Sister Koroitamana:)

Sunday, November 2, 2014

November 2, 2014

    Now that cross country is over, I felt a little lost during the first part of this week, so productivity was weak. My stake choir practices on Tuesdays. I am trying to work with tutors to learn more efficiently, but I don't know how accurate their knowledge is. On Thursday, we had our cross country banquet, and I Skyped an intern from after because she wrote an article about me, and she attends BYU Idaho. On Friday my friends and I had a Halloween party. We had a temple day yesterday, and I have not had a temple day with the gang, which is Rachel Dunlap, Paige Dexter, and Jesse Kaupert. I have been stressing out all week about a midterm for my Mechanical Systems class because it is comprehensive. Although it is a take home test, it is not an open book and note. I did my first DTR on Saturday after the temple day. I told Jesse that the relationship that I had with the girl has not developed enough to be journal worthy, but it is my first "Determine the Relationship" conversation. I don't want to write about every girl that I date. Most in the past semesters have only been one date, but this semester has been better dating. My dating relationships are more enduring and realistic. My grades are improving slightly. I did not think that this journal entry would be that long. I am a simple, yet I took advice from a complicated, who is Jesse.
     This is a joke that we have because I made a PowerPoint for one of my classes last semester, introducing myself to a teacher. At the end of the presentation, I answered a question "What type of guy are you?" I said that "I am a simple." After showing it to a few people before I turned it in, Jesse was the only person to notice my grammar error. After my simple nature was revealed, I realized how complicated that Jesse makes life. Now because of him, my journal entry will probably be double in length.
    I love our stake choir conductor. She is the most amazing instructor that I have ever had. Her name is sister Andrews. She told her story of how she got into singing this week. I believe that she said that her singing range was so limiting that she took it as a challenge, enrolling herself into music classes at BYU Provo. There is a belief that the people that struggle the most to develop skills are the best teachers because they understand why people would not get things easily, and they are able to approach their instruction more personally. Sister Andrews is so funny because she describes the way to sing properly so explicitly most every day of practice. I have tried to explain it before. I am grateful to have been in her choir the past few semesters. The choir this semester is more exclusive, and she attended our sessional, having us sing to her as individuals in order for her to know our voices. The knowledge of our voices and talent will give her the ability to call us up to sing for conferences as a solo or duet. The Stake Priesthood session had a duet from the practice of this idea by Sister Andrews.
    The aid of a tutor seems to be a hit or a miss. I was hanging out with my roommate at the Math Lab, and a tutor of his was trying to help him with a problem for about ten minutes; all confused. The next tutor that he asked another question to answered his previous and current question in less than 20 seconds. I asked my tutor for my mechanical systems class about how to size pipes and the rules, but he had no idea where the theory comes from; although, he got an A- in the class. The one time that I had an accounting tutor session was effective.
    The cross country banquet was a lot better than the track banquet from last semester. It was very formal; not clothing wise though. I was wearing a normal t shirt, and I thought that it was funny because I was getting a lot of compliments for a fur hoodie that my older brother got me on his mission in Ecuador. I liked that my team all sat at the same table, and we were all goofing off. I am not really good in big groups that are not very personal, so I did not say much. We announced the top five boys and girls for their races and gave championship shirts. I should share the video of the race in this article. I look a lot more weak that I thought when I run. I think that I should work out my core more like I used to. Brother Stutz said that this season was one of the most successful, and he wanted to carry this over to track season next spring. After my last experience I don't think that I will do track this Spring. I am thinking of doing a relay race season, since a good friend of mine wants to run a Ragnar and I usually have a temple to temple relay team. This race has been designated to the Spring.  After the dinner and a slideshow of photographs, the coaches said speeches, and one was a little awkward and funny. My goofball team was not afraid to laugh at him. He basically said that he had fun and the season was the most fun that he had. My speech was good. I thanked my team captains and the team for enduring to the end, letting friendships develop. I won the championship race last season, but I did not get a championship shirt; plus, I did not have a full team.

     After the banquet, I Skyped with Natalie New. She is super cool. She is actually a writer, who is too good for blogging. She is interning at, and she wrote an article about me. ( I like pushing the limits of who I can be friends with, so I gave it a try. She is a sci-fi novel writer like me, but she actually completed books, rewriting them multiple times. It was basically a first date. I hope to Skype with her more and meet her in the Spring.
     We had a Halloween Party on Friday night, and it took forever to get started and people left before that actual activity started. Rachel makes events slow, when she hosts. We played a murder mystery game of clue. We have done the same thing for the past three Halloween parties, so it is kind of annoying for me. Each year has a completely new group of people though, so I am the only person that have endured it every time. At least the game was different. I never played Clue before, so I was confused. Many people were confused. I did not get a clue, so I was supposed to couple up with another person. I was originally with my home teaching companion, and I saw his clue; however, Jessica, the date that I had a DTR with, became my partner. The clue game was held at the i-center. I think that the game was more interesting that it was set out to be. The clue that Sam Orr, my roommate and home teaching companion said that a individual was going to die next. Jessica and I decided that we watch out for her. It was funny because we went looking for our clue, having no success. We walked up some stairs and she was out of our sight for about ten seconds, and I remembered to look out for her. When I got her in my sight again, Sam was there, and he looked like she was about to kill her by a tap of the finger. We saved her though. He left us, and looking at clues, we had no idea what was going on; however, another group was totally dominating the game discovering ang understanding a majority of the clues. Jessica; Mystique, who was supposed to die; and I decided to set a trap to witness the crime of Mystique's murder. She set herself as a bait, and we watched from a far. Sam did come in about five minutes, and he was trying to lure her into an elevator. She did not follow him though. We spoke to Mystique about what he said to her, and she said that he was going up to the fourth floor. We decided with this information to go up to the fourth floor to see what he is doing, but Mystique wanted to go on her own to the other elevator on the other side of the I center. I don't know why she thought of that risk, but we did it. Jessica and I went up to the fourth floor, and we did not see her, hearing a disturbing noise from a lower floor. We assumed that she died, but we did not hear of it; then, walking around, we found that she did not die. The game was kind of messed up because other people had another game going on; plus, we did not know all the places and weapons that the original person could have died at and with. The conclusion was interesting because we needed to prove that it was Sam; although, we had little evidence besides his odd acts. We communed with the other group, and they said that Sam was acting weird around them too. We were grateful that they figured it out because we would have lost; plus, it turned out that Sam did not know that he was a murder.
     Yesterday Rachel, Paige, Jesse, and I went to the temple, and we attended an endowment session. I made an effort to commune with God and be prepared for the ordinance. My accounting teacher taught that Adam is a type of Christ because Adam chose to die for Eve, the bridegroom and church. The endowment was interesting with that knowledge. I had to go to the bathroom after the session, so I left the Celestial room with urgency. I waited after changing to my street clothing, and they were talking forever. I actually read a whole chapter out of the Book of Mormon. I told you last entry of my reading weakness. I went in to the dressing room to see, if they are even out of the celestial room. Jesse was surprised to see me still in the temple because they were in the Celestial Room until the next session came in. I did not intent for the temple trip to go until three o' clock in the afternoon, but we went to the Hickory after, and I got my favorite Big "S" burger.
     Jesse asked me to tell Rachel and Paige about a gift that I gave to Jessica. We were all thinking that our relationship was going well, and we were both interested in each other. My mother invited me to ask if Jessica would like to have lunch with me. I already had that planned, but she also invited me to purchase a small cute plant to give her. Since the Halloween Party was Peter Pan themed, I went on a run to find a savage necklace because I was going to be Rufio. When I was running home, I ran across a guy walking with a little cactus, so I stopped him, asking where he got the plant. He said that he got it at the MC. When I arrived there, they were about to close. I purchased a small plant to give to Jessica. Jesse wanted me to tell the best part. I did not know that there was a best part. The best part seemed to be that Jessica and I decided that I would need to remind her to water the plant weekly. I thought that Jesse was going to ask me about my plans and Jessica, when he asked about Jessica and my plant.
     During the endowment, I decided that I was going to have a DTR conversation with Jessica and introduce her to my mother, since it is her birthday today. My plan was to just visit her. It was kind of perfect because she came out when we met up, and we went on a walk. We had a casual conversation, and I asked her if she would like to date more steadily, since we have dated and hung out about eight times. She said that she doesn't have feeling for me, and she actually has a crush on another person. When Jesse told me that I should write about my first "Determine the Relationship" conversation, I said that I would have to write about my opinion on it, which is a big can of beans. I have a secret group of my closest friends on Facebook, and I said to them that "My DTR with Jessica proved once again that I should never date a Freshman." Straight up; Freshman are not mature. They are about having fun. I thought that Jessica would be different because she is twenty because teenagers are lumped into this opinion. Never date a freshman or a teenager. Let them do their crazy activities with themselves. The older generation, which I am a part of, does not have time to fiddle with inexperienced people in dating. If she was experienced, she would not that dating me more than twice, which is a good sign that she is interested in me, not hanging out with me so easily. She was somewhat a distraction from another friendship that I would like to have developed, wasting a few weeks. A couple signs that I saw before that indicated that she was not interested in me is that she readily paid for her ice cream yogurt and things when we went out. Also she said I had fun most times after I walked her home.
     One last thing that I have to write about that is happening in my life is that many people are producing media about me. Natalie was one. Malcolm, the founder's blog of the LDS Single Friends Facebook page, released a blog article about me. ( the first week of school, Tamara Rawson, an athlete that was considering joining my cross country team, interviewed me for a Scroll article. Devin Collins is a film student, and he produced a film on me. The most recent project done on me is a project by Sam Orr. He interviewed me about my education experiences. He typed my words for a series of fifty question on 6 pages. I can put Devin's video below.