Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"You know what great things i witnessed last sunday?" by Camille Ramos

  • Well, i was not able to attend church at my home branch so i decided to attend church at the ward i used to go to since its near the place where my dorm is. So when i was sitting at the end corner of the sacrament hall, i noticed one youngman, in his proselyte clothing, with his bag pack, and with down syndrome.
  • I thought, who's the parents of that youngman. After a while, a woman approached him and asked him to sit down cause sacrament meeting will start after 5 mins. The mother was the pianist in their ward. So the young man......
  • Went at the last row and the two missionaries sitting there asked him to sit in between them. I realized how missionaries develop christ like characteristics and how well they teach or preach Through example
    A man can learn best through someones good example even if it starts from a simple things to great things. Cause in life it is written in the scriptures that, "from small and simple things are where great things comes"
    By simple act of kindness and love of those around us, we can be like them. We can be like Christ.
  • We can be like Christ, not necessarily as perfect as him, but as charitable as he is

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