Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Needs-Causing Me Dysfunction

I hesitated to even put that much up (private, personal people shouldn't have blogs hahaha).  But since then I have been pondering what was making me so unhappy.


Not actual needs like food, sleep, air and social interaction.

But the
Perfect Job...satisfying and rewarding.  Good paying too
Incredible Friendships....the kind where you never fight, share clothes, finish each others sentences
Poem Worthy Romance...right out of the most recent Chick Flick
Pinterest Inspired Apartment/Home
Glamorous Social Life...free of Awkward Uncomfortable Encounters
Beautiful Children...who are both Well-Behaved AND Adorable

Kinda a hefty list right??
Not only is the list long and full of big stuff.
But the requirements of sheer impossibility added in?
I was setting myself up for complete failure and disaster

I was completely and 100% focused on those needs.
I said they were goals I was working towards.  I had a dream...and in my dream it all was possible.
But I let them become more than that.
I began to base the happiness...no contentment I felt on whether or not I was achieving these goals..aka whether or not my needs were being satisfied.

And so I acted.  But my futile attempts to force my impossible needs into fruition created
unhealthy and dysfunctional situations throughout all areas of my life.

How on earth can I be happy when my happiness is focused on the external?
I was setting myself up for failure.  And then the lack of happiness from not having my needs was only compounded on by the fact that I wasn't happy and couldn't figure out why.

Find out how I'm trying to solve my dysfunction.........................

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