Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A childs love

   It is amazing that how a little child can love so much. The first couple months and years they love so much. They show the love of Christ through their love.   They were with Heavenly Father before they came to earth and you can feel the love of Christ.  I teach primary children.  I feel the love of heavenly from my sunbeams. They are easy to love and you feel their wonderful spirit.  You learn so much through them.   I love working with little kids.   They have an amazing love for everyone and everything.     We need to learn more from children about loving with an open mind.   Kids don't care or look at color, or religion preference or sexual orientation.  They love because Heavenly Father taught them to love everyone.  They have the sweetest testimonies out there.  I love listening to lids give testimonies during fast and testimony meetings.

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