Saturday, February 8, 2014

"Roses And Chocolates!!" by Jullian Nyangoma

I Always Look Forward To Valentine's Day With Excitment To Atleast Get A Glimpse Of Those Couples "the Man Saying (I Love You,i Always Have Loved You),hands Over A Chocolate And A Red Rose Then..." What Happens?? The Day Finally Gets Done?
Last Year,i Called Mum Said "I Love U And Happy Valentines Day" Am Sure I Made Her Smile The Whole Day.
I Know Some People Say These Things Happen In Fairy Tales, But I Only Wish Valentine's Day Lasted The Rest Of Our Years In Love.
Waking Up With A Rose At Your Bedside,makes A Lady Know How Fragile And Loved She Is. Having Some Play Time As Family, Suprise Visits At Your Husband's Work Place. Am Sure He Will Smile, Or Just Saying "i Love You" For All The Days Of Your Lives (I Mean Even The Times U Feel Like U Don't Want To See Them)...It Surely Can Make Valentine's Day All The Days Of Our Lives,i Like To Lite A Smile All Year Round And Not All Day Long. I Hope To Live A Happy Ever After, When I Get Married One Day ;)

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