Thursday, February 27, 2014

Laptop Review

I dedicate this to Trevor Hicken, my brother, who I hope will be writing for you soon. He is a technology wizard.

A3 Ultra-slim 14.0" LCD Screen 1366x768 Windows 7 Intel D2500 + NM10 Dual Core 1.86GHz 1GB RAM Laptop Computer with Wi-Fi (160GB HD) (Silver)

From Focalprice

A Completely Lousy Chinese Product

I bought this laptop for my brother, expecting that it would run according to it's specs, but it didn't. The version of Windows 7 was many years old, making it very slow. It would have taken forever for my brother to update it, so he put Linux on it. When he did that, he found that the laptop would not hold the operating systems. He would have to install the software over and over. He found an operating system that seems to be holding, which works okay; however, the battery only lasts about 40 minutes now, since he accidentally let it die. It is basically a laptop from the nineties.


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