Monday, February 24, 2014

"Kinds of marriage" by Henry Sentiago

Am write on dis topic...marriage Kinds of marriage Wrong thing dat ppl think about marriage. Firstly marriage is a union of two pattern agreeing and coming togerther as one...having one mind,one goal... KINDS OF MARRIAGE *BED LOCK *DEADLOCK *ARMLOCK *WEDLOCK *PADLOCK *BLESSLOCK Badlock marriage: this is akind of marriage some ppl ar into right now...see the wound of badlock marriage...*stigmatization *shame *setback *Stagnation.pains.sorrow.. Whn u get into badlock marriage... Money stop flowing Loss of job Constant quarrelling and fighting Misunderstanding and disagreement CURES FOR BADLOCK MARRIAGE Seek Godly counsel Trust in the lord Pray constantly Seek genuine gospel.

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