Saturday, February 22, 2014

Out of the hospital #2 by Isidro Zapata

here is another one and sorry i can not decide. I can not sleep it is really hard for me to but hope you have a great weekend and take care and thanks again and thanks for your message

It is so hard to write these words down on this blank page
To make it come alive. For this page to be alive I need to find something alive in me. What does it mean to be alive and to be able to touch God? Then bang. Everything goes dark. I am alone in this empty dark space. I can see the Earth right beneath me.
The Heavens and the Earth show with no doubt that it is all created. I try to touch the Heavens I reach out and touch nothing. Like so many who try and touch the stars but come up feeling empty. I hear a sound that draws my attention from the Heavens back to Earth. I look down then it hits me.
I see a homeless man searching in a trash bin for something to eat.  Just two blocks away in the center of the city I see a couple seating down in a fancy place. They both say they are full even though there is still half uneaten food on their plates. They get up and leave without giving it much, thought.
Everything is moving in a flash. I see a mother holding the hand of her little daughter. The mother, knees down to her daughter. Looks her right into the eye and says, “I love you” her daughter lets out a loud laugh and wraps her tiny arms around her moms neck and kisses her and say’s “I love you more mommy!!”
 I see a line of men and woman trying to get out of the bitter cold and rain. They all know only a half will get inn. The man in charge only has so much room. He says a little prayer and gives thanks. A miracle happens that night everyone gets inn for the night.
I start to feel this pull I fight it but I come crashing down to Earth like an asteroid. Where am I now? In a hallway and the walls are painted blue and pink with pictures of children playing and balloons with different colors I am in a Children’s Hospital I realize.
I hear some laughter I go towards the sound. As I walk the laughter gets louder I walk into a room where there is a little girl in the room. She sits up on her bed holding Pluto to her. The just cannot notice that the little girl hair has fallen out due to her cancer treatment. She giggles as she looks at me.
      It is bedtime for a small family a young boy is kneeing down. Right next to him is mom & dad. They bow their heads and close their eye’s saying their nightly prayer thanking God and asking God to heal the sick.
I see the broken heart of a single mother not very far at a park a new couple walks hand in hand. See a couple holding their first newborn daughter at the same moment someone is losing and drawing their last breath.

 I see what I was doing wrong. I was looking at the Heavens when I should have been looking all around.
With faith and every prayer we make and with every kind deed we do. You take a step towards making a difference on this small blue marble and going in the right direction..
Speak and go on a mission, which is right through your door. What truly matters is Gods love. God looks down. He gave us his all. When you think of how much he has done for you!! We should do our part and give God our, all.

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