Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February 23, 2014

Yesterday I started a Twitter account, an account at a micro-blog website, and the second tweet that I posted is that Trevor Hicken is a Sombie. I misspell it on purpose; although, it is a little disrespectful to people with insomnia. Trevor doesn’t have good sleeping habits. When you hang out with a Sombie, there is a good chance that you will become one, not getting enough sleep, always feeling tired, dozing off during many important activities. This new generation doesn't know how to have good sleeping habits. I see many people struggle at school.

It started on a Friday, a few weeks ago. Trevor and I spontaneously went to a Leaves' Eyes concert. We thought that the concert would start early and on time like the Demi Lovato concert that we went to the following Tuesday. Michael Angulo went with us too, but he was too scared to attend the concert because the line led to a show called Moodsmash or something like that, a wrestling show. It looked like a circus. Michael thought that it was inspired by Satanic themes. It turned out that there were two events happening, and the concert was in a room next door. The concert hall was very tight. I was surprised how small of a venue that it was. We were all standing, and I liked this style better than the big stadium that Demi Lovato's concert had. We were hoping that the concert would start at 7. There were 4 bands playing that night, and we also hoped that they would be performing first or second. The concert actually started about 8:30. Leaves' Eyes played third after Arcane Dimension and Atrocity.
Although Atrocity has been around for almost thirty years, I liked Arcane Dimension more. I am one of those people that doesn't like heavy death metal. The melodies are hard to pick out, and every song sounds the same. Alexander Krull is the singer of Atrocity, and he really engaged the audience, but I would characterize it as demanding participation. Their music had a mosh pit break out. I feel like the guy that started it was paid. I was one of the first people that he bumped into. I am not into moshing, so I walked away. Atrocity's music didn't do much for me; although, they are from Germany.

Arcane Dimension composed understandable music. The singer was a little weird, and her personality reflected how amateur the band was. Another way she was weird is that she tries to dance like a belly dancer, but she isn't very good. She went off stage between songs to change her attire to that of a belly dancer. They had fun rhythms, but they didn't have a percussionist. The percussion was played by recording and speakers. The band boasted an electric cello. It was cool, but it made me feel like they bought it to make them more successful and original as a band, calling it their secret weapon.
Leaves' Eyes was amazing. Alexander Krull is married to its lead singer of Liv Kristine, and the thing that I enjoyed the most is to see their relationship between each other. One thing that I learned is that it is hard to understand someone or something with just one perspective. A second perspective is minimum to understand something in a good way. It's like reading a book. A new word comes, and you may think that you understand it from the context; however, you have a more true understanding of the word the next time you come across it. The second perspective of Alexander Krull was a family man supportive respectful perspective. His presence was similar to before, but his intimidation disappeared to a warm fatherly identity. Liv Kristine is an excellent singer and their music is uplifting. Trevor said that the combination of Alexander Krull and Liv Kristine's singing is called beauty and the beast. One thing that was interesting is that all the members of Atrocity and Leaves' Eyes are the same, but Liv does not perform with Atrocity. Another thing that was cool was how Liv Kristine met with everyone afterward. I was a little shy, but I wanted to get both Alexander Krull and Liv Kristine's autograph on my Leaves' Eyes shirt in honor of their marriage and how much I respect them. Trevor was right in there, but I took my time observing and absorbing the situation.

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