Monday, February 3, 2014

My New Life...

Hello my name is Dina.I come from Indonesia.Indonesia is very beautiful country and also in Indonesia many members of The Church Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints.I just 2 years new member at this church.before I was moeslem.and I know this church from my friend who lives in bakersfield california.when I visit her and stayed at her house,she invited me to come to this church.after I know about this church,its not directly I follow to becoming this church member.I was also visit other churches in america.when I was in netherlands also I did the same like what I do in america..also when I move back to indonesia also I did the same and the worse thing I'm back becoming moeslem for a dad moeslem and my mom catholic.this is the story of I came to be member of this church..was 3 years I ago,I have a big problem that makes me stress full.all started since my mom passed away.I was doing something wrong until I lost everything I had.and to get all back I have to prove something changes from my self.I was devasted frustrated so bad and I took holiday to Bali islands in indonesia.while I'm there I also confused I don't know what I should do.and after from Bali I was stopper at solo middle of java to visit my mother's grave.after back from my mom grave,my uncle said to me there's missionaries on next door.I mean at my neigbour homes.and I was curiouse want to know so I came visit them.and I missionary was there also.1 from california and 1 local missionary.they invited me to learn together..I was thingking maybe Holy Ghost was guiding me to fix my self in order to get better in life..the missionaries was came visit me 2 times a week.and I Elder giving me The Book Of Mormon in English version because I was not quiet good enough to understand indonesia language.after over 2 months I studied with missionaries,they finally asked if I'm ready or not to be baptized..
I did not answer immediately ready for baptist because I know when I got baptized is sign of promise beginning I have to obey all the commandments to Heavenly Father.and I think and think again and I read again The Book Of Mormon on Alma 31:31-35..
And finally after I read The Book Of Mormon,I was willing to be baptist.and I was interview by our mission president from america who was on indonesia mission.and I'm so glad that he was declared that I'm eligible to be baptist.when I'm going home he and his wife was took me home and drop me does not always happend to all church members that president mission visit church members and I wasn't member yet on that moment.on the day I got baptist,I was baptized by my missionary from california name Elder Xiong.I was make a joke to him: Hei Elder don't forget to pull me up from the water oke ha ha ha members awesome and so nice.they make a little party to welcome me as a new member..3 months after my baptism,I was had opportunity to involve on duty for youth conference event the whole middle of java.God has given me to have a better life and new life.and I have made the right decision to become a part of this church.I believe this church true and I love to read The Book Of Mormon.I believe Holy Ghost worked in my new life and I hope brother and sister keep praying and keep to read The Book Of Mormon.the love of God its no limits and I say all this in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ..Amen..

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