Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"Cultures" by Michael Angulo

I know its ben awhile since i last posted a blog about talents but in this blog i wanna try to reach out to those who are amongst different cultures. I have been taking an Anthropology class where we learn about the different cultures from all around the world. I have been caught off gaurd about certain cultures which caused such confusion withing me. Something that i learned about the different culture is how people from different cultures judge those who are amongst different cultures such as different religions, or ways people live, the way we eat and what we eat, they way we celebrate a holiday or a birthday. There are many traditions here in the world today. When we face a culture that is completely different then ours and we judge the cultures and think ours is the best. The first thing we must do is to stop and to look at it from their point of view, to see what there situation is, we must never assume on how they live if we do not have the facts to back it up. We still may not agree with it still once we have the facts, but we have to sometimes accept it. I remember one day i learned about a certain culture in the Philippines where it is looked down upon if you are caught holding hand or hugging a boy or girl, you must be married, it is completely normal if you wanna sneak off and sleep together at night as long as others do not see its completley normal. There was also an American Family there, who lived in their culture and they found it realy difficult because there would be insects and rats under and near their beds at night, not lots of hobbies to do, The wife cleaned alot and read every single thing she could find there and same with the Husband. There are many different sports and many different foods, which we will find is weird, there are so many different religions, different types of music. Taking this class has allowed me to look and to understand how people live the way they do, even tough i cant agree with some it i can still appreciate them as people. Learning about different cultures can also strengthen ourselves as human beeings, and we can make more friends and more memories, all that can give us is happiness and joy.

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