Monday, February 17, 2014

“Let Go Off That Branch”

Once upon a time there was a man sitting on the top of a mountain, enjoying the gentle spring breeze and the beautiful scenery, including the tree and the rock that was behind him. Suddenly a strong gust of wind blew him off the mountain, and while falling he saw a branch sticking out so he grabbed it. Hanging off the side of the mountain like cliff hanger the man naturally began to pray, asking for God’s help and hears a voice that asks “Do you believe that I created that tree on the mountain?”. The man replies “yes I do, but I really need some help”. The voice then asks, “Do you believe that I created that rock on the mountain?” The man replies a little faster “Yes, I do now please! Help me!”. The voice then asks “Do you believe that I created the wind that blew you off the mountain?”. The man replies a little slower this time “……yes I do”, then the voice asks,” Do you believe that I can create another wind that will blow you right back up unto the mountain?”. The man replies, “Yes I do believe” and the voice says “Then let go off that branch”. My brother who is currently serving a mission in Alabama sent me this story one week and it really helped to lift my spirits, after a particularly difficult week. It helped me to realize that I don’t need to worry-not to worry about my unpaid tuition, or how I will survive without my grandmother around, I just need to have faith and everything will work out. Since I did that I have felt great peace. Even though I still don’t see or know how things will work out, that’s OK because I know that they will work out, some way, somehow.


  1. I knew this story when I was a youth and it does helped. The story that I've heard though is that the man did not listen to that voice but instead keep on hanging to that mountain cliff 'til dark, the next morning was surprising for him cause he saw that he is just 2 or 3 inches away from the ground. It taught me how to listen carefully to the Holy Ghost. :D Thanks for sharing it again