Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Little Tote Bag

                One summer in my late youth years, I attended one of the most exciting summer vacations that every young people are looking forward to. On the first day of the camp, we settled in at our cottage then proceeded to the thrilling game arena to seek for treasure on our Treasure Hunt game. It was a great game because we won the first prize. It was a hot afternoon but we had a fresh, cooling and beautiful training. I could remember the smell of the summer breeze and the rush air from the great waters nearby that sways my hair then touches my soft cheeks and an adoring feeling when our trainer, one of sisters from the Relief Society quorum, taught us how to make a small basket out of beads. I could see the excitement on every young woman as they examined how these decent things were made. My eyes captured the little red tote bag. It was so amazing that I kept on starting at it then finally playfully wear it on my shoulder on every angle until I’m interrupted with the call to start. Sis. Arvie explained the theories and how the beads work. She handed us the materials that we’re going to use. She walked us through with the process in creating our own project. We desperately followed each instructions and helping each other when one was left behind. We used different methods up until were done. Some were perfectly made while the others were in tight judgment. Some were made with a fancy combination of colors and the others are of one-toned colored baskets.
                Right after that memorable incident, I created other stuff like cell phone holder and coin purse out of beads and even ventures to business. Months passed by but I still adore the red tote bag. I went to Sister Arvie’s house and borrow the bag. During that time, I am rendering my OJT (On-the-Job) training at our school administrator’s office our school treasurer showed amazement with the bag and gradually loving it even desiring one for her daughter. I told her that I’m still working on it but she insisted anyway. There, my business began. Though, there are times that my business was bankrupt because of my demanding work but I’m still pursuing on it.

                Whenever I looked on all my collections especially the cute Tote bag, I was always thought of a virtues woman. Different, unique and peculiar to any other woman around them. A divine woman who embraces the innocence of a young girl. Just like my Tote bag out of beads in a bag stall in a shopping mall. Some bags were completely the same. Some were made of man-made leather and any other expensive fabric in town. In the stall your eyes will definitely caught the Tote bag made of beads because it is unusually. Different from any other bags, it is made with a cordial heart and a gentle hands that gives its great importance in this world. :D

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