Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy January!!!

Ranadi is a good friend of mine, serving her mission in Los Angelos, and she gave me permission to blog her letters as Hermana Salas has me blog hers.

Hi Everyone!
How are you all doing?
This week has been great:) I love being a Missionary although I'm tired almost all the time! It's so great!!! Its a good kind of tired:)
We are currently teaching a 77 year old lady from Cuba her name is Luz she has been meeting with the Missionaries for about 5 years now and she can be feisty when she wants to! lol but mostly she's nice. With Luz one thing she has taught me is Patience. Sometimes I feel like she knows most of all the she needs to know about the Gospel her only concern is she doesn't want to be pushed into baptism because she doesn't want to make that decision and not follow through with it. Which we totally understand so her thing is she wants to get a clear definite answer from the Lord that this is what she needs to do then she'll do it. So our goal with her right now is to help her receive and recognize her answer. She's teaching me so much about waiting on the Lord's time. I admire my companion because she's always so patient with Luz. My companion and I are getting better now and this morning I left her a little note:) Last Sunday ( Yesterday ) we had a really great Sacrament Meeting! Luz came!!! :) it was great to see her again:) she's coming on her own now. Last weekend I've been praying that we might be led to those who are ready to receive the Gospel and be a blessing to those we meet. First Miracle that happened was we were able to meet this man named Tom he was a former investigtor and was really good. We're hopefully going to start teaching him again. Then on Saturday we visited with a Less Active named Cheree we knocked on her door and she let us right in and it was so great to share of Heavenly Father's love with her. I know that she felt it. She is now married to a jew and doesn't go to church for now. At the end our conversation she asked if we could help her with something. She then gave us two names of two little girls that have been a big part of her life and that are sick right now. They have a disease that Doctors haven't found a cure for and she wanted us to take it to the Temple. She started to get teary and she said she knew that Heavenly Father sent us to her that night because her heart was heavy and we helped her with that:) That night I pondered on the Great Faith that Cheree had even though she's been less active for years now she still believes. Oh It just makes my heart so happy to know that we were made instruments in the Lord's hands that night. I know that truly when we pray specifically Heavenly Father will answer us specifically according to his will.
I love this Gospel! and I love the joy it brings to our lives and our Families! It's so Great:)
I Love you Bunches

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