Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"LESSON: Why do we have adversities?" by Aellen Ross

last Sunday i teach young womens in our ward and i am so nervous because that is my first time to teach, but!! I do like it.. 
while preparing & reading my lesson i remember my dad. I love my dad and i know he loves me too, but 3 weeks ago my dad get angry to me, because of my work that i was in before, we argue but i have no intention to hurt him because i do love him and i was so disappointed in that situation.
l don't know how to start my lesson and i can't concentrate for what i am reading, after a few minutes i decided to pray a sincere prayer and i never expected that it makes me cry, i felt like i loss every i have my mother, my siblings and also to my father, i disappointed them and it makes me realize that their are many things that i need to change from that adversity that i was in before, i inspired all young women and Even the leaders when i bear my testimony
When i bear my testimony about the adversity that i was faced 3 weeks ago, i realize how blessed we are as a member in the church and i'm so thankful that God gave me an adversity like this because if he didn't gave me that, i will never learned i know that adversity is a part of heavenly father's plan for us, he gave adversity to test our faith And to be strong.. as a daughter of God, though they are difficult, our challenges can help us grow spiritually and become more like him. 

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