Saturday, February 22, 2014

Out of the hospital #1 by Isidro Zapata

Here is another one thanks for letting me post thank you I'll have something new just been hard since I got out of the hospital well here are two okay so you can pick

 I just got home from the meeting at the church tonight.
To be honest I really thought it was about an entirely different
topic. As I sat down and open up the book to the page the
words, hit me harder then a Mike Tyson’s left uppercut.  The words make me start to go back in time in my mind and everything flash right before me.
Then I am like a blind man who finally has the ability to see for the very first time and feel so over whelmed. These feelings start pouring down in me like a flash flood on a sunny day. This makes no sense. Why do I keep having
these feelings?  I know I was raised not like any of you. We were little kids
acting like adults when we were eight, nine and ten.
My dad leaned back on the car just stood their waiting for the police to come to take him away he put his gun on the car hood only because of his click clack click was empty. I see I am not like any of you. Maybe you grew up with abusive dad but mine tried to kill me before I was born that’s a fact. Beat my mom until she had me three months early. We raised ourselves running the streets at night. Sister owned the place while my mom worked hard late into the night.
Why, do I keep caring about stuff that I never cared about before?
I know the way I was raised was never the right way. If I even told you half
of what happen I do not think you would believe it but it is the God’s honest truth. I know one fact that all that counts. God loves me and he is reaching out to me. I love you. God is saying to me and I want the best for you. I do not know what to make of all of this I truly do not. Every time I go to church now seems like God is breaking a curse. I feel so free like never before and
When you feel God tugging at your heart you cannot fight back. I am so grateful to you God for doing this to me. I know you love me and this is
the true CHURCH. This is where I am going to know you more and help other’s to know your grace. I know where to find grace and it is in your church and in your word. Thank you for loving me and being a father to me.

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