Sunday, March 9, 2014

Yes I am LDS

By Isidro Zapata

I got a new flavor and I hope
you truly savior
 this new flavor
That will set you free
And make you see
For first time in ages
 All you need to do is come
As you are no need to make any changes
Before you get a new restart
To the Creator
So after you take in
You will never wavier
with this truth,
Now you can be awaken
So you can be blessed by the truth
You can now
Break all the lies
That float around
And break their fake hope
For God spoke to man through
Prophets and he is the same yesterday
Today and forever so he does it today
Your old view now flies out the window
When you sit down and pray and ask if this is
True, then you will sing a new tune
For the Holy Sprit cannot ever lie
For the Holy Sprit holds the truth going around the world spreading
The word to set people free
So they can sing a new
Tune and say this book is true
So just pray and truly ask
if this is all true
then you will see
and no need to repeat and plea
for the answer will indeed
Set you free
And you will have no doubt
About the faith
So you will no longer
 talk smack and act all whack
No more time to smoke smack
For that is all whack
The truth
Will allow you to experience a renew
Of Gods eternal love forever for God is clever
to keep his promises
and recite his eternal love for you and me
So I have to say am bless to have my past
Erase and gone forever and in its place is God’s eternal
Favor for I can now see and be a member of this
Faith that, has withstood the test of time.
 you are welcome
To one day step into the temple and worship
And take part of God’s master plan
To go on a mission to spread the word
But do not be mistaken these two years are not the only time
To speak and teach the word to the nations
You need to be on a mission 24/7
With love and compassion for the lost
To turn them into jewels for the Lord
For you can now say you are proud to be a Mormon with
The full truth and faith to set people souls free for
A brand new start

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