Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Truth Alert

By Isidro Zapata

Loud horn sounds
Go off with red
lights flashing
The missionaries
Take action because
the truth alert is going off.
Quick, jump into the truthmobile.
Whole world seems to be so easy
fooled with lies
It is time to get to business
and show people
the truth.
I have no time to be
playing around
with all these false teachings
so pray and let
the Holy Sprit speak
for it has already
open our hearts to
the truth
time to show you
hit them up
with verses
that, are from above
Second Nephi chapter two verse six
“Wherefore redemption cometh in
and through the Holy Messiah for he
is full of grace and truth.
So pray and do not
Be lead astray
Let me tell you
If your world is upside down
This book will set you free
And speak the truth to you
So hit them up
With verses
that are from above
D & C 50 verse nineteen

"And again, he that receiveth the
Word of truth, doth he receive it
By the Spirit of Truth or some
Other way"

Of course the other way
Is not of God so we have
To get to our Father’s
Business and have no time
To be playing around
With these false teachings
So spread the truth
For at the end
you want to
Hear these words

“Well done, thou good
and faithful servant enter
thou into the joy of thy lord”

Book of Mormon is true
Don’t be ice or be easy
Trick with lying lips
Just remember to
Turn on the
Truth alter
For it will expose

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