Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Baptism of The Onofre Newly Wedd Family :D

From this to this:)

they are so wonderful and fun!! they even bore their testimonies at the baptism, it brought a sweet spirit to the room :) and they were given the gift of the holy ghost on Sunday and it mentioned a lot of missionary work and sealings in the temple, which they are all working on already even before they got baptized!

this week has been great I had a great growing experience, it was during an exchange that i did with another sister training leader, she was teaching me how to be a more effective S.T.L, since i am new at this. I took full advantage and told her all of my concerns and how much i want to improve, i needed to humble myself and rely on my savior Jesus Christ, to help me overcome my shortcomings and weaknesses, i knew that this would be a great learning opportunity so i gave heed to her advice, with a heart and mind willing to apply to what she counseled me to do. Everything that she said pierced me to my very core, all she has done for her growth were things i needed to do for my companionship and my own personal progress and salvation. She helped me see that i needed to put more trust in my new companion and how to  teach with more unity, using lesson plans and enhancing it with scripture and testimonies. Hence, trusting that my companion will back me up with teaching an idea within a point of a lesson, such as the gospel blesses families. Furthermore, how to apply trainings better, measure my success in acquiring Christ like attributes, and always asking Him for opportunities to practice those attributes, and always returning thanks to God for whatever learning opportunity I do receive. I learned a lot and I am not ashamed to say that I am not perfect, and that I am learning how to be a better instrument in the Lords hands to bring many to repentance. I truly felt, just  as I did before I was baptized, that desire to leave my old self behind and become a new me, a better me. As I pleaded with the Lord to help me that night, I felt that he wasn't going have me do it alone. I love my God, now i understand what Paul said to the Corinthians about Godly sorrow works repentance, for whom the Lord loves, he chasteneth. 
We just got a priesthood blessing and it was the best, i feel good and i am thankful for these servants of god to administer these messages of hope, love and inspiration directly form our heavenly Father through them. If any of you are going through a hard time, i invite you all to seek out a priesthood blessing :)
well i love you all and till we meet again!

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