Saturday, March 1, 2014

Fighting The Waves.

By Jullian Nyangoma
Time And Patience Have A Great Way Of Reaveling To Us, What Matters In Life. Seems All The World Trys To Show Is, Mitrust,pride,havoc,the Strong Waves Keep Pushing Us Away..Nothing Seems To Have A Happy Ever After. Temple Marriage Has Always Been In My Mind, But A Thought Sets In " Does Marriage Ever Work Out In This Era?" Its Amazing How Many Things I Keep Picturing, The Little Sour Lies, The Arguments, The Mistrust,the Tears.. I Finally Get To Answer My Self. The Tiny Little Lies Ought To Keep Off My Lips (does'nt Matter How Tiny They Are,atomic Bombs Are Made Out Of Tiny Molecules.), The Arguments, "Who Cares If I Win Or Lose?".. The Mistrust, Got Alot Of Thinking About This But I Realise Now That, "You Ought To Trust And Have Confidence In What Belongs To You" , The Tears, Elder Bednar Once Said, "Women Always Cry Doesnt Matter Why They Cry"..A Shoulder To Lean On Is All. I Finally Keep My Mind Glued With " A Happy Ever after Is A Temple Marriage"

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