Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hi to all this is my first post that just explains a little about me and my life... Part one

     Hi Everybody! My name is Katie and I'm  a new blogger. I'm so excited because now I can share my story and hope to make new friends. First off I am from a small town here in Georgia. I'm 22 years old, divorced, and a single parent of a 2 1/2 year old named Scarlett. I have been a member of Jesus Christ of latter day saints since August 24,2013 and it has been amazing!!! Here's a little about my life before I joined the church. I was a member of a baptist church and not following the ten commandments at all. My ex-husband was emotionally abusive. He left when Scarlett was five weeks old. Put a protective order against me I couldn't see my daughter for a month. The reason he says he did it is because I was on anxiety medicine  and called me an unfit parent. Which was not true about being unfit. We went through the court system then we went to having her every other week to then me getting full custody of her when she turned a year old. Crazy right? I have total clean background. Also my parents were divorced for twenty years. Back in May of 2012 they got remarried!!
     So yes my life has been totally crazy! On July 20,2013 we noticed two girls walking up my street. They looked very different like they were new in town. They started talking to my dad. My mom shortly after that noticed who they were. " That's them that's them! I've been praying for them everyday whenever I seem them in downtown Greensboro!" She quickly ran outside to meet them! She introduced herself. There names were Sister Pabst and Sister Melott. They explained to us that they were missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of latter day Saints. We were amazed! Missionaries here in Union Point!? We thought all the missionaries went outside the U.S.A. to other countries not here in Georgia! My mom quickly said " If you need anything come here. Water, bathroom, food a place to cool off anything you need come here."
     I was amazed at what my mom had said she was never one to open up to people to come into our home like that. They then stated how excited they were and thanked us and gave us there number on a card. I was like ok this is no big deal. Then my heart changed I wanted to try it out our branch was in Madision only 45 minutes away what would it hurt but of course I would have to talk to my parents about it. But I needed that card they gave it to my dad. ... Great I was thinking. I hope this doesn't start anything. I then went back inside went into the kitchen and noticed my dad's bible on the table he had been reading it. There was the card! Simply there! I then asked him when he came back if I could have the card. He said "of course." I then went to my mom she was in her room on the computer. "Mom can I talk to you for a minute." "Sure what's up?" She said. "I want to go to the Mormon church."
     "Well it's fine with me ,but you know you have to ask dad he is head of house now that we are remarried." "I understand" Mom said " Lets look at Mormon .org and see if you are really interested first.  "Sounds good to me." We noticed all the laws of the church and noticed it seemed ok. I got really excited so then we talked to my dad and he said I could go so I went. I felt so loved and not judged for anything. They welcomed me with hope and love. Something I never had from church members before.
I'm sorry this is short I have to go on an appointment with missionaries. I'll be posting part 2 soon!!!! Thanks for the Welcome!!! -Katie    

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