Monday, March 10, 2014

The Blogger and the Ambulance P.1

"Now I lay here owing my life to a stranger and I realize that empty words are not enough."

Oh... my aching head... "Hey you're back!" Yea, I had to go to the doctors, I think I got jumped... "Yea, he just left, he was nice." You didn't think to stop him or maybe call the police? "Nah you were fine. Something tells me we haven't seen the last of him." Ugh... Whatever... Anyway, so a little more about me my dear reader, "You like to talk about yourself don't you?" More than you can imagine, but in my past 
To the right you'll see a hospital
(Not pictured) an Artist
lif- "Whoa whoa there bud, y'all believe in reincarnation? I don't think I can let that one fly!" Still didn't let me finish... I refer to my pre-mission life as my past life, if you want to know what happens after we kick the bucket, click here! But anyway, I used to listen to Rock/Alternative music, you just can't beat the sound of an Awesome! guitar solo and a rockin' drum solo."Oh yea, I can totally agree to that!" The lyrics above go to a song called 'Artist and the Ambulance' by a band called Thrice. It's an Awesome! song about a man who has a horrific car accident and after waking up and realizing he's alive, he realizes that he has been wasting his life and decides to do what is right.

So a while ago, I had to teach a class about Spiritual Gifts, and these gifts are blessings that the Lord gives us to bless and benefit others, it's a 'give what you have' sort of thing. We've been given much, so we too much give. "Quid pro quo?" Not very so. Now there's a ton of spiritual gifts which include The Gift of WisdomThe Gift of Interpretation of Tongues and others. Now everyone is guaranteed to have one, but some may have more or different ones according to our desires as well as if we'll use it to help, but there is one I want to focus on and it is The Gift of Healing. "You mean like those preachers who bop someone on the head and they start dancing?" Well, not quite.

So what do doctors do? "Is that a serious question?" You're killing me smalls... Just answer it... "They doctor?" Exactly! When we get sick and chicken noodle soup just doesn't cut it, we go to the doctor and they give us gross tasting medicine to make us
No Babies were harmed in the
making of this post
better! In other words, they heal! Well, in the church, worthy men receive what's called the priesthood, which is the authority to act in God's name. Now one thing a man with the Priesthood can do is give a blessing of healing. So, they heal.

Now many think that the gift of healing is simply, touch someone and BAM! healed. But to me, I think it's not always that way. Here's an example, so back home, my stake president is a radiologist. "That's pretty sweet!" But that's not all! He is also a practicing surgeon. "Two for the price of one huh?" You know it. Now, if you've ever played Operation, you can probably testify it's not very easy huh? "I don't think it's the same thing..." EXACTLY! If you mess up, the person's nose doesn't glow red, nah, sometimes worse things happen... So it's not something ANYONE can do. It takes a steady hand, and one who knows what he's doing. "So where are you going with this?"

Well, what if I told you that maybe, just maybe, the Holy Ghost is guiding this surgeon's hand so he can do, well the things he do. "Things he do?" Just... So whenever I thought of someone who had the gift of healing, he's the one I thought of. Cause think about it, he HEALS people, and not just by like, giving two Tylenols and telling them to call him in the morning, no, this man sometimes takes out the sickness quite literally out of people, in operations that are for the most part, life threatening. But he does it, and he's a man of God and he uses the Priesthood, or the authority of God to not only give blessings of healing to the sick, but to also have his hand steady so he can save lives. Not like you know, I shoo'ed a lizard from the street so it wouldn't get squished, nah I mean, saved a human life. "You sure know how to talk up about someone." Ehh, it's gift. See? There's that word again. "What gift?" Yea. "So does that mean you're gonna do another who knows how many part series for spiritual gifts?" Nah cause there's a lot and I already have like two multiple part posts and I'll forget about the different parts. "Isn't that lazy?" I'm not sure... But I AM sure that our Heavenly Father loves us and gives us these talents or gifts, so we can help others. I read a quote that went something like this, "The meaning of life is to discover your special talent, the purpose of life is to give it away." Profound huh? "You're just something else." Yea, something Awesome!

So check back next time (It won't be next time...) for the stunning conclusion to The Blogger and the Ambulance! "Stunning?" Well, It'll be pretty cool, at least I think so.

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