Thursday, March 27, 2014

Amazing Faith

By Isidro Zapata

I never could have
image I would
be a part of
an amazing faith
that teaches Jesus love
and his glory
Our faith has touch so
many lives
but there are false
teachers and preachers
that say nothing
but twisted lies
every day
at are faith
for the simple
reason we spread
the whole truth and
have holy temples
throughout the land
So we send out Missionaries
for two years
to spread the good news
And they have the answers
to questions and
Joseph Smith never
made any of this up
The Book of Mormon is true
and comes from above
So don’t speak
twisted tales
of Joseph Smith
There is no time to be playing around
with those who
lead people astray
time to stand up for the truth
For we are Latter Day Saints
Forgiven and we have
the whole truth
of God’s books
one, two, three,
Old Testament and New Testament
Four, five, six,
Book of Mormon
Seven eight
Pearl of Great Price
Nine, ten
Doctrine and Covenants
and Word of Wisdom
We are on a
mission to
show the world
God’s everlasting
Love and truth
Died for you

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