Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Holy Life

by Isidro Zapata

Why do I try to live a holy life? There is a unseen battle to the human eye to return us to glory & to live a holy life. This battle for our souls brings pain & misery for the enemy had us until our Lord & Savior broke his grib & tore him apart when he gave his life man never took it so dont ever get it twisted his master plan full of love for us. The enemy makes it hard to fully see my foolish ways when I question to live the holy life that allows me to have peace and not bitterness. Everything the world tells you and me just brings us down from our Master plan for Jesus said the path is straight and narrow and wide is the path to everlasting darkness I turn on the box theres nothing but half naked woman running all around & on the Christian station I see a man & woman all bling out with gold & diamonds & asking for your money with a evil glee & I can not even turn on the radio then I switch it to the Christian radio but all they seem to do is call my faith a cult and have missed the mark for we show them love from our heart not evil words saying we are not apart they just do not have the whole truth to open their eyes and truly set them free!! I go to church thinking it is a safe place to escape but not everyone is walking on the same path towards forgiveness & love they have another reason but I am not here to judge. So why should I live this holy life for am being real so you know my faults for am not going trip someone up by living in the ungodly world then raise my hand in church without feeling any shame in my own self center direction again am not here to judge I need to judge me So, why cant we see that the ones we hurt are you and me when we dont follow the right way in showing each other forgiveness and love. Why cant the other half see that they are being blind by the enemy and walking in a ungodly path. Why cant we see that the ones we hurt are you and me. When it is so easy to fall away So why should I live this holy life and enter the Temple for it is a holy place Only those who are living the right way are allowed to get in but the Lord shows us mercy so that we can live a holy life and enter into the Temple to serve the one who died for you and me and praise him and give him our whole heart Every night I am on my knees praying to God and asking him to forgive me and shows me all the beauty that comes with living a holy life My eyes are open now I know why I need to live this way of life so I pray for my brothers and sisters to live this holy life and to stay in the light and not fade away into the night Why can we not see that the ones we hurt are you and me when we live a ungodly life. Its time to pray for our brothers and sisters asking God to help them live a holy life So lets help one another and pick up one another and put God first in our lives then we will be living a holy life that will give us a eternal life with our Father in Heaven.
PS Have to give thanks again to Dan & his wife family Dan and Jessica Ball for it was me thinking about them & there example that I came up with this so thank you

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