Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Little Christ Like Elements P. 2 (Laughter)

"Hey reader, did you hear that? I think there's someone in he-"
     -Elder Lopez, famous last words

Well hey there! How are you today, my dear reader? "..." That's great! I'm doing good as well! Better than Elder Lopez at least! "...Uhhh..." Oh don't worry about him. He'll be fine. Eventually. "Okay, what's going on here? Who are you?" Oh, right! I'm Elder Coon, and I'll be your blogger today.

Anyways, where were we? Oh yeah, the Elements of Harmony! I mean, Christlike Attributes. Next up on the list is Laughter! Now you may ask, how is that a Christlike attribute? "I'm not asking that." After all, the scriptures never talk about Jesus laughing do they? Well, let me answer that question with a story.

Once upon a time there we six ponies adventuring through the dangerous Everfree Forest. "Wait, you watch that pony show too?" I think the better question is, why don't you watch it? Anyways, so these six ponies are on an important quest through the Everfree Forest. All of a sudden, the already dark night becomes pitch black. The six stop in their tracks, unsure of what to do. Then in an instant, they find themselves surrounded by deadly monstrosities looming over them! With huge claws, razor teeth, and penetrating glowing eyes, these killer trees are about to rip the heroes to shreds! Just when it seemed they were doomed to sudden destruction-

"Wait, wait, wait, wait. Trees? Killer trees? Come on."

Hey, these trees could mess you up. Have you ever SEEN Snow White? What would you do in that situation, tough guy?

"...Okay, I see your point."

So, as I was saying, just when it seemed they were doomed to sudden destruction, they hear laughter. Not the creepy kind of laughter that you would expect to hear at this point, but just normal haha-that-was-a-funny-joke type laughter. And where is laughter coming from? Pinkie Pie. "Pinkie Pie?" Pinkie Pie!

You see, while the other ponies surrendered to their fear, Pinkie laughed. Pinkie always laughs. She's always optimistic, always looks on the bright side, and always sees the silver lining. She has Hope! Hope is faith pointed forward. It is an assurance that things will work out, that you'll get through just fine, and that all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good.

So when you're having a bad day, don't forget it's better to look up. Keep pressing forward! Endure to the End! And for heaven's sake, SMILE! Happiness is a choice, and sometimes it's a tough choice, but it's always the better option.

"So what happened with the killer trees?" Well, it turns out it was just an illusion, and the trees couldn't really hurt them. "Lame." But then they go on to survive a rockslide, take on a massive sea-serpent, kick a manticore in the face, and literally rip apart Nightmare Moon (you know, from a few posts ago) with a rainbow tornado. "That sounded pretty cool until the rainbow tornado."

Well, Elder Lopez is starting to regain consciousness, so I guess my time is up! Until next time dear reader! Excelsior!

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