Saturday, March 8, 2014

Satan and his Tactics

In  The book " Living your Covenants Everyday"  by Jennifer  Brinkerhoff Platts.  The chapter i just read talked about Satan and his tactics. She talks about how making scriptures study a priority in our lives blesses us.  "Understanding the role of satan and how to shum him from our lives is a truth we learn by reading and studying the scriptures. 

In the beginning Satan lied.  He continues to lie to us everyday!!!The scritures teach us how to combat him .   Satan is sly in deceiving us. In 2 nephi 9: 27-39.   Nephi talks about how satan marginalizes the Atonment.   Everyday  Satan battles for our agency. Satan's attack on us are relentless and delibrerate.  He is impeccable in his timing, especially at our weakest and most valunerable moments,    Anger, apathy, and carnal security atr some of his favorite tools.   Satan is a Liar!!!!  Satan attacks our most important relationships.       The bible dictionary states,  "  Protection against the influence of the devil is found by obedience to the commandments and laws of the Gospel of Jesus Christ"    Entering into Covenants places  a target on our backs. Satan wants to destroy those that living Fathers's plan.      It is worth our best efforts to heighten our awaeness of the ways that satan works in our lives.   That includes being realistic about the lies satan tells.    and By taking time ti evaluate our choices in given situations,  We are more inclined to undercover lies that we believe.

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