Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March 1, 2014

Things have been coming in twos lately. I have a second concert to write about, and we are probably done going to concerts for a while. Another thing that happened in twos this past week is two of my co-workers said that they are the parents of my classmates, who graduated with me in high school; thirdly, I had another Facebook networking transgression that I had to repent of.

The second concert that I went to with Trevor is Demi Lovato. I was more interested in the Leaves' Eyes concert, but we have been planning on this for months. When I heard Cher Lloyd is touring with Demi, I enjoyed learning of her. I would rather go to her concert. I come to respect Cher a lot because she is married. Cher is super fun, but we realized that she is just a voice. She doesn't compose her own songs like Selena Gomez. Trevor and I were thinking that the next American Idol or music contest should have the musicians come up with their own music. We have too many singers and few composing artists.

The Demi Lovato concert had two other girl bands in it. They were Little Mix and Fifth Harmony. They were both your generic girl bands. I am into Asian pop music, and they have a lot of girl bands. I know girl bands. Fifth Harmony did not sing as well as Little Mix, and I think Little Mix's stage presence was more mature and crude.

Demi's skill surpasses all of the girl bands, and their performances may have been suppressed. I am not really into Demi, but Trevor thinks that she is amazing. Although she is and her performance showed the extent of her greatness, which is far, I would not listen to her by choice. Disney is an excellent media production agency, and I believe that she learned a lot from Disney, coming out of it better then most of the artists from there.

Trevor and I were in the balcony, so our view was not very good. One fun thing that Demi did was she had an app that flashed lights and different colors during the Neon Lights song. Another artist that Trevor and I has gotten into recently is Becky G because she composes her own stuff. Her music is fun too. She even inspired me to put together a dance playlist, putting together all the songs that make me feel like dancing. Demi Lovato does not have any songs that does that to me. I asked my friend once to rate his desire to go dancing 1 out of 10. I don't remember his answer, but mine is 1. Dancing is a nightmare for me. It doesn't come naturally to me. Last time I had an opportunity to go to a dance. I said that I would rather run a marathon than pretend to dance for hours. You can't expect that my dancing playlist had many songs. I only have about 20 songs in there. most of Demi Lovato's music is not a dance type, and there is no room to dance on the floor of the concert hall. I don't understand why the tour is called Neon Lights. I would rather have a different style of concert for her, if I was her producer. She claimed that the tour would be original and refreshing, but I don't believe that it was.

P.S. A Jonas Brother was there, performing, but I don't care for him either. I only went to have a good time with my brother.

P.P.S. I did enjoy the concert, but I am expressing my opinion of it.

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