Sunday, March 23, 2014

The change after baptism Part: 3

     I hope everybody is doing well this blog will be about after my baptism. I had to change a whole lot, friends that I had for years, some family, and my job. I hope y'all enjoy my blogs. I hope it helps to encourage and inspire you with your life.
      So this is were we ended in the last blog.
     "So, I kept reading the bible and changing my life more and more.I wrote in my journal.  I had to let go of friends that were going down a bad path. I had to let go of facebook for a while actually, I didn't want any thing negative to be thrown my way.   Nobody from my baptist church called and it was what's called a mega church around here. So that said a lot to me.   The bad part was is my dad still went to our baptist church. He did go to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints with me once. He told everybody " I have to tell those at my baptist church what a change this has made in my daughter's life all the way around."

     He did and it did not go well at our old baptist church. I still ended up being baptized in the church I felt the purest I have ever felt in my life. I felt clean, pure and amazing. I told my mom " I feel like a kid that's young and innocent." That confirmed everything for her as well."
     Well things got really crazy after my baptism.  My life really changed. I had continued to read the Book of Mormon, learning it's truth and having the Holy Spirit as my constant companion.  I worked every Saturday doing home health care. Things were going great. Well, on a September 10, 2013 I had my first team-up with the sister missionaries. I was so nervous. We were seeing a woman named Mrs. Rose in Greensboro. She had met with the missionaries once or twice before and today we were going to try and commit her to baptism.
     We went in and had our lesson and things went pretty good. She didn't however commit to baptism. I felt like I got to bear my testimony though to her and I knew she could feel the spirit. When we finally left the missionaries were really proud of me. They said " You did so wonderful listening to the holy spirit! You were amazing." I said " Sisters, I've never been one to speak up like I did I would just be quiet in the past." They then again stated " you really did do amazing." I felt so great. We then went home. Well the following Sunday on September 15,2013 I received my first calling!
     Apparently, my branch president was talking to the missionaries before the first visit with Mrs. Rose he told them to let them know how it went. That he think I had a calling as a branch missionary! Needless to say on September 15,2013 I was set apart and asked by my branch president "Katie did you enjoy the appointment with Mrs. Rose and the missionaries?" I said "I really did! I feel like now I can effect change in my community and help those around me especially divorced single moms." "Well, we have a calling for you if you like.. It's called a branch missionary meaning you can go out with the missionary whenever you have the time to." "I will love this calling!" He also had my mom in the room with us ,and she was totally amazed and told me "this confirms everything you have done to change your life Katie this is amazing." We were both crying by then and I felt so accomplished more than I had ever in my entire life.                 Part: 4 will be up soon I hope y'all are enjoy it! The picture below is me at my baptism with Sister Pabst and Sister Melott the first missionary's I ever met! -Katie   


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