Sunday, March 16, 2014


The righteous need not fear the power and authority of man
We serve a God who has all in His hands
To sin is exquisite and bitter pain
The life of righteousness means joy and sweetness remain

Opposition in all things
That we might be afforded blessings

 Ask in faith and receive
Plainness means all learn, milk then meat
By small means the wise are confounded
Knowledge means options, their choice, to be bounded
The lord is my strength I’ll not be ashamed for waiting for Him that promise in 1 Nephi
We need a world of more strong men, more Moronies and Abinadies

Prick my heart that I may remember
Conversion means a change of heart, January to December
May I give all my sins away to know Thee
Humility not by force, but gratitude for all Thou has done for me

May I be anchored, steadfast and immovable, always abounding in good works
Most dear, precious and now rare: chastity, virtue and remembering worth
May I be actively engaged in good works… His hands
And like the Anti- Nephi- Lehies keep my covenants

May my arming myself be only with righteousness
Remember wickedness never was happiness
The message rings and should be applied, repent and return with full purpose of heart
Feast upon the word, the testimony of 2 nations equals 1 beautiful start

I decide now the woman I’ll be
Ever so grateful that my Heavenly Father loves me
Sanctification- to God yield your hearts
Let not ever thy testimony depart

Faith, hope and charity, ingredients of salvation
Ask of the Spirit and receive revelation
Men are, that they might have joy
Every man, woman, girl and boy

Love God with all they strength, might and zeal
I share because I know Jesus heals 
Also because I’d like others to feel
The depth of His real and what it means to me
By His grace we’re saved after all we can do
I leave my testimony, this gospel is true

BY Sherida Laffayette

Here I posted this wonderful poem by one of my closest friends, with her permission, who is now serving a mission here in Jamaica. Though I miss her dearly I am reminded by this poem of her love and my love for the gospel and our willingness to share it with those around us.

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