Monday, March 31, 2014

Principles of Faith

This is an email I received from a friend of mine who is now serving his mission in Atlanta. As I read it I knew immediately these words were true as I have been seeing this same pattern in my life. This is what Elder Johnson said.:
My faith has increased dramatically this week because of the inspired summit that our mission president has asked us to achieve this week and this is what i have learnt about faith.

First Principle Be Believing; 1 Nephi 2:16, I know that as I trust in him more, I will receive an answer and source of truth to comfort my fears.

Second Principle Be committed; 1 Nephi 3:15, Being committed to my mission will ensure that my Faith will remain strong and will that God will help me bring about the righteous desires of my heart.
Third Principle Do my part; James 2:22,  I know that if I want blessings that I will have to work at it, it is by works will my faith be made perfect to perform the miracles that I need to.

Fourth Principle Pray; D&C 9:7/D&C 4:7, If i don't pray for my faith to be made strong or pray for an increase of faith  it will falter, if I ask for it in prayer i through my faith will receive, thus increasing my faith.

Fifth Principle Expect Trials; Ether 12:6/D&C 58:4, Even though I have prayed for doesn't mean it will come easy, or when I want it to.I  know if I endure well with patience I will receive it when God knows it time for me to receive such.

Last Principle Exercise My Faith Mark 11:23-24, The Lord doesn't give us things so we can waste them ,He gives us them to use them. I will have to exercise my faith if I want to see the miracles that I desire.

We can apply these same principles in our lives no matter what it is that we are doing-work or school or just living from day to day.. AS long as we are doing the Lord's will and exercise these principles of faith we will be successful, we will be blessed. I know I have been.

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