Sunday, January 12, 2014

this is my first time to write somethng

by Aellen Ross Nagum Daileg
Hi everyone !
this is my first time to write somethng about my personal life,hope you like it.
it's been a long time since i felt this thing,which i promise to myself that i will never do again,ever since,i loath the chance how good it is.
Being in love?no more,no need!
But i want to thank this someone,he fixed me and took care of me a alot,he showed me the beauty of loving again,the old me is back,i'm sure then!
My heart might be bruised and be brittle,but possibly it will recover soon, it happened before,it will happen again.
one thing i can say i'll find love once more!
"you can close your eyes from the thing you don't want to see but you can never ever close your heart from the thing you dont want to feel"

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