Monday, January 13, 2014

Mission Confrence and Another Tranfer in Phoenix

Hello everybody! how are you? :)
this week was wonderful but it went by way to fast.
Now for the fun part!! WE found a new investigator , it was a refferal from a recent convert and she came out to teach The Restoration with us, her testimony flooded the room with the spirit, my love for her grew, she said something along the lines of the happiness God brings is the best, it is not what the world wants you to think is happiness like having a great job, a good body, a mega good looking husband, money, no it doesn't come from all of that. It comes from becoming more like chirst, and even tho i make tons of mistakes and i am mean sometimes, i know i can repent and refine myself  little by little and eventho i am a single mother with a lot of problems and i sometimes get depressed for dumb things like financial things i think of the plan that God has for me and it gives me strength to keep pressing forward with hope and faith. "I love to pray because my heart is just so filled with gratitude for the blessings i recieve from heavenly father gives me, i am joyful and he gives me the peace that i could'nt find anywhere else. then when i ask for something, without me noticing it, it comes to pass, so i know he answers my prayers, those simple things testify to me that he lives and loves me"  Would'nt hearing that make you love her? well after all the fruits of the spirit are love, peace and joy. We know that the lessons go ten times better when we have a member share their testimony, for it motivates them to try it.
we had another lesson on tuesday and it wa with our eternigator, he is a really mature 14 year old, who is very polite and funny, we brought over a middle aged married couple. We read alma 36 about hen alma was sharing his conversion story with his son heleman. We all read and analyzed the story, my favorite part was the testimony of hte sister we brought and how she came to know it was true. At first she did not believe, and one day out of curiosity she opened the book and read a little then she prayed about it, yet doubting that she will recieve and answer. this reminded me of this scipture alma32:27 But behold, if ye will awake and arouse your faculties, even to an experiment upon my words, and exercise a particle of faith, yea, even if ye can no more than adesire to believe, let this desire work in you, even until ye believe in a manner that ye can give place for a portion of my words. and how she felt it in her heart that it was true and how she has never felt so intuned with god before than at that moment, after she got baptized she always felt super happy and she explanied to him that whenever he feels happy out of nowhere that that is the spirit. He wants to be baptized, but wants to be super ready.
 You can apply it many things, like in memeber missionary work, sometimes all you need is a little bit of faith to share the gospel , you don't need to be a perfect spiritual person, you just have to have the faith that H.F has prepared the gospel for All of his children, to help us resolve difficuilties and live happpier lives here and forever, knowledge that has been kept so it can be of benefit to us in whatever issue we may face.  When tou art converted strengthen thy bretheren. I have come to learn that more fully on my mission. the Book of Mormon is so awesome, God wrote it through his prophets for us, to comfort us during the most difficult times, to remind us to change for the better, to serve and not let our weaknesses weaken our ability to love and serve Him with all our mights and love and cherish every single moment of learning. I dont want to use this short time that I have casualy, i want to allow Him to make of me, the best missionary I can be, and most importantly like his beloved son Jesus Christ, and with a portion of his strength and power given to me i can serve his children my whole life, because it truly brings more happiness into my life and who cares about your problems when you are focusing on others.
I want to tell you a funny story. We went to help a family get ready for church, They werent home but as we were about to leave, she called us and invited us over for breakfast, so we went and helped the kids and had some breafast, then had to leave to go to chruch, they promised to meet us there. We waited and waited and i called them and they said they werent coming becaue she had to go sell some stuff. I was bummed. THis isn't wasy, i love her and we love serving her, but we dont know what to do anymore, i just have to have faith.
I  dont have very much time left sorry but love you all and pray for you, please pray for us and all the missionaries. take care.

Hermana Joanna Salas

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