Sunday, January 19, 2014

"I am so grateful for the gospel, do you know why?" by Camille Ramos

Its been a busy busy week for me. I had attended the burial of my auntie's best friend (whom i called mom since i was a little, cause that's what she wanted to be called by me) last January 12, 2014 and i also attended my aunt's funeral service (the sister in law of my mom) last saturday and sunday. I saw how many people was shocked cause of what happened. I saw how they were really hurt and how they mourn cause of their loss and i am one of those who mourn and was shocked. I saw and was able to be with my two aunt's since i was a kid and up until before they died. I had a lot of memories with them. I knew how kind they were, how selfless they were, how they cared for everyone around them, how faithful they were, how incredible they were. I was not as great as they were, but i have one thing that they don't have. I have the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I was raised with the gospel in our lives and i am so much grateful about it. We introduced the Gospel to them but they didn't accept it. But still i am grateful for the baptism for the dead, so they may be able to be in Jesus Christ's fold even if they are dead. I may not be able to bring back the time and nag them about the truthfulness of the gospel, but i can do that sacred ordinances after a year of their death to be able to see and be with them after this life. I felt sad by hearing the news of their death, but a part of me says, everything will be alright, just believe, and this is because of the Gospel of Christ. I hope everyone of us who experienced loss, even if its a family member, a relative or a friend will still be grateful for the Gospel cause we know that there's always a way to be with them someday. I know families can be together forever. I know that we need to do our part for those who never heard and received the gospel. We are their hope. We really are. Let us do everything to help our dead and loved ones...

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