Monday, January 27, 2014

"Personal Testimony" By:aellen ross

Last Friday I was faced with some unexpected challenges. I tried to stay positive, but my attempts often failed, leaving me feeling frustrated and discouraged.
Thankfully, I received encouragement from my friends in the church. While quietly listening on their advices, there's something I'd remember and one of that is the parable of Ten virgins, I learned a lot of things in this parable which i compared the vessels in the parable, where containers for storing extra oil.
Being wise means being prepared for the unexpected challenges and trial's in our life w/ an extra measure of faith, testimony, and the spirit in our lives. Sometimes we grow complacent, thinking we had enough to get by, But following the savior means more that just getting by. It means always striving to draw closer to him, preparing for those times when our patience, faith, and testimony will be tried by others and i would never question God of what's happening in my life now. Rather, I would thank him for letting me experience all of these things, because i know that these will be my foundations to be a strong and a better person.

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