Monday, January 20, 2014


By Aellen Ross Daileg

Christmas is a holiday celebrated by all the people in the world.people give gifts and christmas cards to their love ones and "Aguinaldo"from every godparent's's a time to celebrate christ's birth.when it's christmas,the world is merry.but how can filipinos celebrate christmas after a disaster?
Last november 8,2013,typhoon haiyan or as we call it in the philippines "yolanda"landed on our country particularly in the visayas.typhoon yolanda literally left the whole island destroyed. A total of 5,796 people were killed after the storm surge.people from around the world and filipinos themselves felt weak and others also cried after witnessing the typhoon yolanda devastated visayas.Grieve from each and everyone's faces are clearly shown.Many lost their loved ones,their houses and homes,nothing really left.
How can they celebrate christmas?can they still celebrate christmas?
A lot of people from other countries and filipinos themselves o
ffered help to the people who were affected by the typhoon.some cancelled their christmas parties;instead,they spent their time and days volunteering for relief goods warms our hearts and we know,people from visayas are very thankful to all the people who have helped them and are still helping them to stand up and start a new life.
This way,helping other people is a way of celebrating this season of LOVE - CHRISTMAS that may soon put into every face of the victims a smile to world again.
"do services,even if it is in a simple way,love others more as you love god and yourself,one of the reasons we are here on earth is to strengthen our faith.difficult,dark days are a necessary part of life and give us an opportunity to build our faith more stronger.
the time is come w/us,so we nef to already conpess our sins.
"message of 1 of the typhoon victims from
thank you for all,thank you for a new start,thank for a new memories,and time to move forward"
hope i inspire you all guys

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