Friday, January 31, 2014

The Good, The Bad, and The Lopez

"Hello, my friends, hello."
-Neil Diamond

Hello there new reader, or is it still you old buddy? "Nope it's me again. Looks like you're branching out huh?" Right? I was invited to help out on this nifty blog of niftyness! "I'm almost positive that's not a word..." Yep... same dear reader... "So, with this new blog, looks like you're gonna have to introduce yourself again." Yea, it seems introductions are once again in order.

Default epic missionary
Hello there dear reader, I am known by many as Elder Alejandro Lopez. But you can call me Elder Lopez for short. Oh, and Elder is not my first name, but you probably already knew that. I am currently serving in the B-E-A-UTIFUL mission of Jacksonville, Florida. Now that sounds interesting enough but get this, ask where I live. Go ahead I'll wait.... "Ok, where do yo-" ORLANDO, FLORIDA! Oh yes, I am serving in a mission just above my home mission. Crazy huh? "That's... well actually yea." Crazier still? Didn't go to the Missionary Training Center. "Mind. Blown." Chyea. "Well alright there Mr. Fancy, I bet everyone is wondering just what your gonna be blogging about. Well, I guess it'd be what you HAVE been blogging about." Oh! Right.

See, in my youth, I had more free time than I was proud of I watched A LOT of movies.(Oh, and cartoons too, LOVED cartoons) However, my parents would only let us watch Disney movies on Sundays, so my brother and I became really good at relating movies to the gospel in an effort to watch them (it never worked...) but as I grew older, I began to realize that much like the scriptures, which were written a long, long time ago, in a land far, far away, they can be related to our days and so, why can't pop culture? So stay for a while, take off your shoes if you so desire, and let's share a laugh while we learn about the gospel through, tv, music and... well, other media! Oh! and don't hesitate to leave a suggestion of what you wanna read about next! Also, if you would like to see the water from the source, as they say, "no one says that..." Well... Click here anyway!

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